A Fitness Tip from Sugar Shane Mosley

Learn From The Best

Boxers are some of the most physically fit guys on the planet. Take a look around at just about every weight class and you?ll see guys like Sugar Shane Mosley, who are stronger, faster and better built than the vast majority of the population, including other professional athletes.

Take this tip from the man

Shane Mosley is a phenomenal athlete and has incredible talent inside of the boxing ring.? With more than 90 wins as an amateur, a 46-6 record as a professional (with 39 KOs) and world championships across three different weight classes it?s no surprise that Sugar Shane?s name is always mentioned among the top pound for pound fighters in the game. In order for Sugar Shane to still be competing at a top level at the age of 39, he needs to put everything he?s got into his fight training to be prepared to face an upcoming opponent, but his approach to staying in fighting shape contains a few more elements than you might have guessed.

In addition to some of the most intense traditional fight training imaginable, Mosley regularly participates in a number of other sports and activities as well to work his muscles from different angles. If you want to eliminate imbalances in your body and the chance of your workout routine becoming stagnant, you?ve got to do the same and make sure that there is some variety in your workouts.

Vary Your Routines

A lot of guys want to carve out a set of six pack abs and a chiseled chest, but safely and effectively doing that takes more than just set after set of crunches and bench press. Continually training the same muscles from the same exact angle while completely ignoring others will create strength imbalances, which can increase your chances for injury. To get the best and healthiest body possible your training can?t completely focus on things like isolating a single muscle group or ?spot reduction? attempts for fat loss. Even achieving the most specific goals for your body requires some diversity in your training.

Increased chance for injury aside, it is possible for you to continue to make progress by performing the same series of exercises, provided that you increase the intensity of your workout in some fashion. You can take steps like continually increasing the weight or changing the set and rep scheme that you use, but this approach doesn?t always work well for every trainee. A big problem a lot of guys who opt for this route have is boredom – doing the same exact movements every single time that you enter the gym can get old pretty fast. This is true even for guys who thoroughly enjoy the experience of working out, so imagine the effect that it could have on someone who isn?t always the most motivated to get into the gym. If your workout starts to get boring, even if you stay healthy, there?s a very good chance that you won?t be able to stick to it long enough to see any measurable progress toward your goal.

You should definitely take your time at the gym and the pursuit of your goal seriously, but not so seriously that it begins to feel like work. Don?t just plod along until you stop seeing results or until your current workout plan begins to bore you to tears before you switch things up or take a day off to participate in another activity. Just because you?re current regimen was designed with a specific goal in mind, it doesn?t mean that sticking to it with unfailing rigidity is the best or only way to achieve that goal.

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