Must-Read: How to Wake Up Early

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Our sleep schedule is a mess. Since working exclusively as a freelance writer for over 2 years, where no one dictates my schedule except myself, I have slowly moved towards a 2am-10am sleeping pattern. Which is great if that’s all I’m doing. But as soon as I have to wake up early for an appointment, or a meeting, or to get on a plane, or because the lady I’m spending the night with actually has a real job that she needs to head off to, I am a wreck for the rest of the day. Waking up early is impossible to us.

Which is why I’m linking this set of four tips by the fine folks at, teaching us how to get our ducks quickly in a row if we have to pretend we’re a person working in the real working world for a day. Here’s one of the vital tips:

3- Get up and stay up
Whatever you have to do to get out of bed, do it. Put the alarm clock across the room. Set the timer on the coffee maker to start brewing. Run to the bathroom to relieve yourself and jump in the shower. The hardest part of the morning mountain climb is taking that first step out of bed.

Don?t let that little voice start whispering, ?Just 10 more minutes.? Ten more minutes are never enough: they will turn into another 10. Don?t hit snooze, just get up the first time. Whatever you do, don?t crawl back into bed once you?ve gotten out, no matter how inviting.

Yes, it’s an obvious tip… but these tips aren’t so much about uniqueness. They’re are mostly reminders to us folks without real jobs in the case that we ever get ourselves some real jobs. So, for you 9-to-5ers out there, these probably won’t help much. But for you freelancers out there, these are some good reminders for what it’s like in the real world, and therefore why you want to continue freelancing as long as possible.

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