Don’t Worship Women

You ARE Worthy

Remember in ?Wayne?s World? how anytime Wayne and Garth would see a hot chick they would start bowing their heads up and down going, ?we?re not worthy, we?re not worthy??

Well, that?s the same sort of behavior that I see a lot of dudes who aren?t very good with women in real life.

You ARE worthy!

It?s an easily observable fact that most guys don?t feel that they are on the same level as a highly attractive woman, hence all that ?dating out of your league? nonsense. Guys think they are ?getting lucky? when they get laid because they don?t believe that they deserve to get laid by hotties daily!

A lot of guys will drop a C-note buying some chick a fancy dinner just because they think that it might help them get busy with her somewhere down the line. Shit, I?ve heard of dudes dropping 5 or 6 Gs taking girls on vacation, and buying them jewelry, and they aren?t even getting laid out of the deal!!

And the thing is, girls know that there are guys like this out there, and they are NEVER attracted to them. Most women don?t want anything to do with a worshiper, not even platonic friendship. The stench of desperation is just too repugnant.

However, most of these guys actually do wind up finding a girlfriend. They either settle for a woman they aren?t really attracted to because they think that’s the best that they can do, or they find themselves a good-looking but sadistic chick who manipulates them for years before sucking them dry and leaving.

Yep, there are some girls who will date a creepy worshiper. In fact three guys who I know pretty well who worship attractive women have all been through the exact same horrific experience with a woman, and this is how it went:

– First, they dated her for months, and spent significant cash on her before she ever let them touch her.

– Second, they kissed her ass and married her as soon as possible.

– Third, they paid for her college education and ran up massive credit card bills trying to make her happy.

– Fourth, they rarely got laid even though they were actually married to the chick, and meanwhile the girl is out getting nailed by a variety of dudes who don?t buy her anything or try to have any kind of relationship.

– And then one day they come home and she cleared out half their shit, and left them their friendless, penniless, and feeling even less adequate than they did before they met her!

You?re Not Immune

Now I know you probably (hopefully) have never set yourself up to get fucked like this. But a lot of guys do this kind of stuff to a lesser extent. Simply by thinking that you are in any way beneath a woman, you are setting your self up for a world of hurt!

In fact, even guys who legitimately get girls can be guilty of worshiping behaviors. Jumping around from set to set, constantly opening women every chance they get, running these pick up artist routines, dude that is not cool masculine behavior! That?s needy as hell!

Yeah, it?s better than just worshiping one chick and letting her run all over you, but it?s still worshiping. If you knew that you were good enough to have your pick of women, you would not chase women like that. Women know instinctively that the cream of the crop type of dude is not going to chase/worship her for the simple fact that he doesn’t need to, he already has an abundance.

So, if you want to date the top echelon of women, you cannot be a?worshiper?or a chaser to any degree. The most attractive women (I?m talking looks and personality here) only go for guys who know that they are worthy of them.

Hey, I like hot women too, but I don?t worship or chase them, because, what would be they point of that? Better to have a healthy, mature appreciation of quality women and learn to relate to them in an authentic, attractive way.

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