The Best Cars of 2011

What To Look Forward To

I have to admit that I?m kind of a Frankenstein?s monster when it comes to cars. Part of me likes off-road vehicles that can drive over the barest of roads to parts of the world that are only rarely seen. That part is balanced by the environmentally conscious part that wants to limit fuel consumption as much as possible. The third part is the frugal part that loves high miles per gallon but hates spending extra just to get a hybrid. The fourth part says that all of that is meaningless and it is only about going fast, fast, fast. Then fast again. Think the Duke boys straightening curves except with a lot less hair, the color orange, rebel flags and doors that are welded shut, which is good for using the vehicle to cart around my lady.

So, with that said, here are some cars for 2011 that would appeal to at least one side of this car monster.

I?m Not Going to Spend A Lot So I Have Money For the Ladies

2011 Ford Fiesta. The Duke boy side of me wants to puke for even suggesting this idea, but when the invoice price is below $13K and gas mileage is 28 city/37 highway, I tell the Duke boy to get a job if he wants something faster. That said it?s pretty slow with its 120 hp only going 0-to-60 at 10.8 seconds per this review. The same review though says though that you?ll enjoy the luxury of the ride.

I?m Not Getting Stuck at Home Without My Girlfriend Because of Snow

2011 Jeep Wrangler. Yes, this is the car that you need to have when you absolutely, positively have to get someplace. It is also the car where you absolutely, positively need to live close to where you?re going because of the 15 city/19 highway gas mileage. For 2011, Jeep has added more sound deadening materials so that the cabin hopefully doesn?t sound like you?re sitting on top of a garbage truck.

I?m Not Stopping at the Gas Station Before Every Date

2010 Aston Martin

2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. Yes, this is the 2012 model, which means that it won?t be available for purchase until late 2011, but wow, will this be cool. Plugging in your car for three hours will fully charge it so that your Prius can go for 13 miles on that electric charge. If you live close to work and close to your girlfriend, you might be able to avoid buying gas for a long, long time.

I?m Going Fast, Looking Like James Bond and Picking Up Pussy Galore

2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Yeah, this is just a dream type car as the sticker price is $181K, but what a dream it is. I?ll just give you with this quote from the review: ??when you shift out of fifth gear at the 6800-rpm redline and find the V-12 still pulling with an alarming surge past 170 mph in sixth gear?? The review takes pride in not mentioning James Bond, but I can?t help but think that?s one of the best selling points.

I?m Saving the Planet! Oh, and Going Fast and Looking Damn Good

2010 Fisker Karma. Yes, this isn?t really a 2011 car, but considering the Car and Driver review linked above from 2008 said that the car was sold out until mid 2010, this is probably the first chance to get one. This lovely picture from the Fisker website gives me just about all I need to know ? 403 hp and 100 mpg. The other things are the price ? $88K and top speed ? 125 mph. For that kind of technology and speed, that?s not half bad. The 2011 is going to be here in March or April, but unfortunately the price is going up to about $97K. I think I found the dream car that appeals to about every side of my monstrous self. Except the off road part, but I can always rent a Jeep.

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