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The Top Five Movies of Cameron Diaz

Here?s the thing. I love going to the movies. If church was dark, you got to have popcorn and some young ing?nue took off her clothes, I would have become a priest. But, my one problem with movies is winter. For those first cold and lifeless months of the year when if you?ve seen the movies that were in limited release, the movie release slate is as barren as a priest?s sex life. Well, a good priest?s sex life. (Ok, you got me, there?s another reason I?m not a priest.)

The last movie that came out in January that I remember that I liked was ?Orange County.? I could be suffering from confirmation bias here, but looking at last January, we got such movie classics as ?The Tooth Fairy,? ?The Spy Next Door? and ?Extraordinary Measures.? This winter doesn?t look better. However, there are still some lovely women that star in the movies this winter. Instead of directing you to the multiplex to see their new stuff, instead, I?m going to suggest other movies of theirs where you will have a much better time.

A younger Cameron Diaz

First up, star of ?The Green Hornet,? Cameron Diaz. I didn?t think it would be hard to whittle down five movies from this lovely star, but as soon as I started looking at her filmography, I realized that some good movies would not make the list. As pretty as she was in ?The Mask? her role was not large enough. It could be that I don?t remember the movie well, but I can?t list her in ?Being John Malkovich? since I don?t remember her that much. Like any list, there is debate, but I?m going to bet now, all five will be better than ?The Green Hornet.?

5. A Life Less Ordinary

Yes, as far as movies go, ?Being John Malkovich,? ?The Mask? and even ?The Last Supper? are better than this one. But, this movie with song and dance numbers is really Ewan McGregor and Cameron?s movie, and they are so much fun to watch.

4. Charlie?s Angels

Really, go back and watch this one. If you expected the same thing as you saw in the TV show, you were wrong. Instead it was a kind of satire of action movies with three beautiful women with goofy boyfriends (a reverse of the traditional action movie bimbo) pulling moves straight out of ?The Matrix,? and looking fantastic the whole time.

3. Vanilla Sky

Three movies in a row that I know a lot of people didn?t like much. However, as a fan of Cameron Crowe and since I still haven?t seen the original Spanish version (?Abre Los Ojos?) I really liked this one. It also marks the end of a nice run for Cruise: ?Mission: Impossible,? ?Jerry Maguire,? ?Eyes Wide Shut,? and ?Magnolia.? Plus, per Mr. Skin, this is one of Cameron?s three nude movies.

2. Gangs of New York

But, when you think of nude movies for Cameron Diaz, this one is at the top. Also since it is the first collaboration of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio?s which led to ?The Aviator,? ?The Departed? and ?Shutter Island? and contains an amazing performance by Daniel Day Lewis, this is the best drama on the list.

1. There?s Something About Mary

The best movie that she made though is this comedy. The Farrelly brothers created the perfect woman when they created Mary, a very hot, smart, wealthy, sports-loving woman and Cameron hit all the bits of the performance just as perfectly. They also probably found the first pretty woman who received fax photos of Brett Favre?s penis.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Cameron Diaz top five?


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