Must-Read: Grilling Indoors

Take that grill inside

Last December, I moved into a place for the first time in my adult life with a full-fledged goddamn kitchen. One with, you know, a full-sized stove, space to maneuver and chop various ingredients, and an actual refrigerator with a full freezer in it. This has the possibility of being the biggest development of my adulthood. (Aside from knowing how to navigate the dating scene in a bar, that is.) As you’d imagine, the last month of having this kitchen has been an explosion of me trying out various recipes and learning how to cook, like a goddamn man. Which is why I’m highly interested in this article over at Men’s Fitness about how to grill indoors.

The article is timely due to most of the country still being under feet of snow. (Fortunately, I’m not among those here in Los Angeles.) Just because you can’t take the big grill outside for a stroll — although those who do decide to grill outdoors in the dead of winter are badasses — doesn’t mean you can’t cook up some tasty meats. Thing is, indoor and outdoor grilling are two entirely different beasts. For example:

Fire Up Some Flavor
Indoor grilling is certainly warmer for the chef than grilling in the snow, but the end product won’t be exactly the same. “The lack of live flame indoors cuts down on searing and caramelization of the meat proteins. You can’t burn wood chips indoors to generate smoke (except for in an indoor smoker), so you need to pump up the spices and seasoning,” says Raichlen. So now just might be the perfect time to try out those chipotle barbecue chicken or wasabi seared tuna steak recipes.

The article has a few more tips and even comes with a full-blown recipe you can try. Check it out.

Also, while I’m on this little cooking kick, anyone else have any favorite indoor grilling recipes they’d recommend? Go ahead and share some in the comments.

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