Top Five Movies of Jennifer Connelly

Maybe I should give the movie ?The Dilemma? a break since it has Vince Vaughn and is directed by Ron Howard and therefore should have a comparatively decent pedigree to most January releases. However, since it is being released in January and most of the hype surrounds a ?gay? ?joke? about Priuses in the trailer, I?m not holding out any hope of it having a high degree of quality. Adding the star of ?Paul Blart: Mall Cop,? ?I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry? and ?Grown-ups? to the mix, sounds its death knell.

There is one great reason to see the movie (well, two counting Winona Ryder who will get her own list) and that is Jennifer Connelly. Wow. Just wow is all I have to say when I see her on screen. Which I have been saying since 1986 when I saw her in ?Labyrinth.? So, skip ?The Dilemma? and check out these top five movies starring the breath-taking Jennifer, with an honorable mention going to the Ed Harris vehicle, ?Pollock.?

5. Hulk

Yes, you were told this movie stunk because it wasn?t like the TV show of the 70s. Let me tell you a secret. The TV show stunk. Yes, the CGI Hulk is a bit distracting, but as far as making a movie about a character whose super power is getting really mad, this one works thanks to Ang Lee, Eric Bana and the smoldering loveliness of Jennifer.

4. A Beautiful Mind

This article is basically an excuse to post this photo.

Speaking of Ron Howard, this movie that combines him and Jennifer Connelly previously is a pretty cool look at a guy who is best known for an economic/mathematic concept known as the Nash Equilibrium. Yes, there are things made up, but it?s a story about math. If you didn?t make stuff up, people wouldn?t go see it.

3. House of Sand and Fog

Ok, fair warning, this movie is like a kick in the groin followed by a punch to the groin. Not in the cool ?Jackass? way, but in the, oh gosh, how can so much bad happen to these people way. If you feel like a movie that will bring you down with great performances, this is one of the best. It?s just that is a mood very few of us have very often.

2. The Rocketeer

On the lighter side is the second superhero movie of Jennifer?s list. Taking place in the 30s, this one is set in Hollywood with The Griffith Observatory and The Brown Derby making iconic appearances. Jennifer plays a beautiful aspiring actress, right in her wheelhouse, as gangsters, Nazis and a man with a rocket pack all swirl around her.

1. Requiem for a Dream

Ok, remember what I said about ?House of Sand and Fog? two paragraphs ago? Yeah, the same goes for this one. But, if you?re looking for Jennifer?s best performance, this is at the top of the list for a reason. I would say this is also a great chance to see her unclothed, but in this movie, the nudity is not in the least bit erotic from my memory.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Jennifer Connelly top five?


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