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Word-For-Word Scripts To Use To Seduce Strippers

How To Seal the Deal

Going to strip clubs can be fun, but at the end of the night you?re usually going home alone, sexually frustrated, and with a lot less money in your wallet. Instead of being treated like a typical customer and spending your money on pointless lap dances and overpriced alcohol, wouldn?t it be awesome to know how to cut through the games and get strip club sex with these girls ? when they?re NOT on duty?

If you think getting strip club sex is impossible ? or that strippers will only sleep with rich guys, famous guys, or ?bad boy? meatheads ? think again. Because myself and my fellow pickup artists from Mack Tactics have been picking up and banging hot strippers for YEARS.

We?ve even gotten strip club sex INSIDE the strip club (without having to pay anything!), but that?s a story we’ll save for some other time…

Learn to Flirt

Learning how to pick up strippers is about knowing how to flirt with them the right way, and engage them in EFFECTIVE conversations ? so that they stop viewing you as a typical customer, and feel genuine interest and attraction towards you.

Use the script wisely

You?ve got to ask yourself when you?re hanging out in strip clubs, do you behave like a typical customer ? answering HER questions, going along with HER suggestions, and forking over your cash? Or, do you project a sense of playful, cocky confidence when you talk to strippers ? so that they DON’T see you as just another ?chump??

Having this ?playful confidence? when you?re in gentlemen?s clubs means when a hot stripper asks you ?do you want a dance,? you flip it and pretend like SHE wants a dance from YOU. You say…

?Do I want to dance for YOU? OK, but I charge $100 for three songs ? and no touching me below the belt.?

If she says ?can you buy me a drink??, you say…

?Well, I COULD buy you a drink, but first I want to know whether we?d get along. So tell me something about yourself that no customer in this place would ever guess about you.?


You?re turning the tables. This is one of the keys to flirting with these girls and eventually getting strip club sex.

You want to get her to reveal her goals, and interests, that she normally wouldn?t share with a guy she meets at work. None of these women want to think of themselves as ONLY being strippers. They all have other goals, interests, passions, etc. Often times, their hectic work schedule prevents them from pursuing these other things, but strippers will want to talk about what they?re hoping to achieve outside of the strip club, and conversing on these topics allows you to build a bond with her.

These are just a couple of quick examples of stripper pickup tactics.

Some guys literally take YEARS to get these ?stuff? figured out. But, if you?re plain lazy and you just want to cut to the chase, get right into ?it? and skip the whole? learning curve, you can uncover those mysterious, intimate little ?secrets? women will NEVER tell you about here:

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