What’s the Manliest Overcoat?

And Why It Matters

Sometimes we?re so concerned about shirts, sweaters, pants and shoes that we forget an item of clothing that covers most of our body during winter: the overcoat.

We tend to think of overcoats as something that covers the cool clothes we wear under it ? but it doesn?t have to be the case for someone on his path to style mastery.

While there are many styles of coats you can wear in the cold season (the Chesterfield coat, the British Warm, the Polo Coat and so on), there is one coat that?s perfect for young men trying to make a fashion statement: the pea coat.

I?m going to tell you right off the bat this is what I bought for this winter and, to be honest, I didn?t even wear any of my old coats. The pea coat is that stylish.

Let?s take a look at one.

Ralph Lauren peacoat

You?ll notice a few things about it. First, it?s a double breasted coat. This is great if you?re thinner because it will widen you a little. Double breasted coats are not so common among men so if you?re a day game addict, the pea coat will make you stand out among other guys.

The second thing you?ll notice (and it?s the one that got me to actually buy mine) is the wide lapels. The lapels of the one that I have are actually not glued to the coat, making my chest fuller.

I was astonished when I first tried it! I looked like I?ve been pumping weights and had a fuller chest. This is great because women LOVE guys with big chests.

Let?s say you?ve got yourself a pea coat. Now what? Time to do some layering. One awesome thing about the pea coat that I didn?t mention so far is that the V-neck formed by its lapels. This means two things:

You can show off the sweater you?re wearing beneath.

You can tuck in a scarf.

I usually do both of them. Here?s what I wore yesterday: navy blue pea coat, blue sweater and a dark green scarf. The effect was really cool and you can achieve it as well. Or, better yet, you can come up with your own combinations. Orange, for instance, is another color that works well with navy blue.

I hope I got you just a little bit excited about this coat and even got you to go out and try a few. A final word of advice: don?t get one that doesn?t fit you perfectly. If you do, you?ll have to ?suffer? for the next few winters.

Remember: style means comfort.

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About George Lazar A geek in high-school and college, George became hooked on men's style because he saw it's amazing effects. After a few years of changing every aspect of his clothing and reading everything there is to know about the topic, he now looks amazing. He published his first book about men's style and was invited on TV to show it.