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The Truth About Looks And Online Dating

Hint: Looks Matter!

One thing that gets downplayed way too much in the land of dating advice is the importance of looks. How many times have you read things like ?looks don?t matter to women? or ?It doesn?t matter if you are fat, bald, or ugly, you can still date 10s…? Well, are you buying it?

For your sake I really hope not. Because like it or not, looks DO matter to women, and they matter a lot!

You don't have to be Rob Lowe

I?m not going to build a case for why they matter, and try to prove this fact to you. If you have eyes, it?s pretty freakin? obvious that women prefer physically attractive men. Just look at the men that women drool over. There?s a reason young girls plaster their bedroom walls with pictures of Brad Pitt, and Zac Ephron rather than Steve Buscemi, and it has NOTHING to do with their acting skills.

What I?m going to talk about today is the glory that you can gain by accepting this simple truth and leveraging it for maximum benefit.

First off, you?ve got to accept the facts and stop living in denial.

I can?t tell you how many guys complain about how they?ve been studying dating advice for years and still can?t get laid. And it?s like, bro, lose the tight khakis, go to a gym, and handle that nose hair situation!

Thinking that you can neglect these things because ?looks don?t matter? is a sure way cockblock yourself.

Second, is the big realization about male looks. The fact that REGARDLESS of what you have been given in terms of your genes 97% of guys can fix themselves up to the point where look aren?t a problem. I think this is why so many people like to say that looks don?t matter. Because among guys who put in the effort to look their best, it?s a pretty level playing field looks-wise and then it becomes a matter of having the best game.

Having your look together is a prerequisite, if you don?t have that handled you aren?t even IN the game!

Here are 4 things you can do to get your look fixed up quick:

1. Hit the Gym: The more the better, but remember most girls are into toned dudes not massively jacked dudes.

2. Get A Cool Haircut: Pick a celebrity with cool hair, get a picture out of a gossip mag and take it to a hairstylist.

3. Get Clothes That Fit: You don?t need to spend a ton but you need the basics like dark jeans, one pair of really awesome kicks and some cool t-shirts, again look at what celebrities and guys who get a lot of hot women wear.

4. Take Your Grooming Up a Few Notches: Girls notice the little things like nails, teeth, ear hair, zits, pit stink, etc. You gotta handle all that. Invest in a little trimmer to keep stray hairs in line, see your dentist, and keep your bathroom stocked with the right products to keep everything on point.

Elementary stuff, yes. But, this stuff makes a huge difference in how attractive you are to women.

It Matters Online Too

One place where looks matter even more is online.

If you put up a crappy picture of yourself, you can pretty much guarantee that you won?t be getting any emails, regardless of how well you write. So, if you are trying to meet women online at all, the first thing you have got to do is get a great picture of yourself. It?s crucial!

If you do those 4 things I listed, you will look good enough, just get a ton of pictures of yourself until you get one that really let?s your personal handsomeness shine through.

It?s as easy as getting snap happy with the camera phone. When you are out and about hand your phone to people and tell them to take some pictures of you and your friends (this is also an easy and natural way to meet people). Look on your friends? Facebook pages too, there may already be some good shots of you floating around out their somewhere in cyberspace.

The truth is, most guys are naturally good looking enough to crush it online, they just need to tweak their look a tad and get the right picture out there.

For more info on how to find success with online dating visit my website – and while you’re their grab your copy of my free special report 7 Killer Email Tactics That Improved My Response Rate 879%.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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