P.O.W. (Olivia Munn In A Hot Tub Edition)

Olivia Munn as hot as possible

Pimp-It-Out Wednesday

Heavy.com showcases the gorgeous Olivia Munn in a hot tub. Need we say more?

H-Spot gives us the top ten hotels in the world to have sex in.

Manosterone gives us the 6 reasons she’s always acting so weird.

The Campus Socialite reviews the top bar at Hofstra University.

Mankind Unplugged gives us the four life lessons we should take away from “Jersey Shore.”

A Blog 4 Guys highlights the manliest chainsaw ever!

BroBible tells us about the most annoying things about girls who love sushi. Truth.

Just A Guy Thing warns that our own orgasms may actually (gasp!) make us sick.

Brosome gives us Adriana Lima in lingerie. Like you’re not going to click that link.

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