You Get What You Think You Deserve

Raise Them Standards Boy!

Have you ever seen a normal looking dude out walking arm in arm with some beastly ass chick? And I?m not just talking ugly … but fat, and she?s wearing sweatpants, smoking a cigarette and carrying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Makes you ask yourself, ?what is that guy thinking?!??

Well, I?ll tell you what he?s thinking: He?s thinking that that?s all he deserves!

Raise your standards and anything's possible

And that?s the crazy thing about life. Whatever you think you deserve, that?s what you go for and that?s what you ultimately end up with. So, today I wanted to write a little inspirational piece for you on why you need to have high standards and believe in your own value.

Almost every guy out there who isn?t doing well with women suffers from the same root problem ? deep down they just don?t feel like they really DESERVE a hot woman or ever have a chance of dating the women they are most attracted to. The longer a guy goes without dating attractive women, the more apt he is to convince himself that these ?hotties? are out of his league and he should lower his standards. So maybe he?ll go for a not so hot girl or two.

However, the problem gets even worse for guys who get rejected by a few ?not so hot chicks? because inevitably, the guy will keep lowering his standards until he finds a girl willing to accommodate him.

It can get ugly…

But it doesn?t have to be like that! It?s all a matter of maintaining your standards and living up to the standards that you set for yourself.

I really believe that women have a sixth sense about this and can really pick up on what kind of standards you have, as soon as they meet you.

Women Want Guys with High Standards

They don?t want a guy who will take anything with a pair of boobs, they want a guy who doesn?t have to settle because he is on top of his game. The easiest way I know to date hotter women is to raise your standards high and make a pact with yourself that you are going to keep them there.

One thing I used to do was pick a female celebrity who I was really attracted to who seemed like a really awesome girl in addition to being hot as fuck, and I?d tell myself that she was the type a girl I was really made for.

Then when you are out in social situations, almost all the girls you meet will all fail to meet this high standard that you have set for yourself. What you?ll notice is that even women you previously deemed ?out of your league? will automatically become much less intimidating.

Looks like you are out of their league now!

Also you?ll notice that when you do come across a super cool, super hot chick, you?ll feel like you are finally talking to someone who is actually up to your standards in a dating partner.

What?s really cool is that the girl will totally ?get it? that you feel you are in her league, and this will give you a massive advantage when it comes to picking her up, bringing her home or starting a relationship.

If you do online dating, you?ll find that having high standards is going to give you access to the hottest 5% of women on the internet. These are girls you might not even be emailing right now because you’ve been thinking they are out of your league.

Not anymore!

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