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An incomparable health and fitness wizard recently passed away at the age of ninety six. Jack LaLanne was the real deal, who practiced exactly what he preached and lived a long and healthy life because of it. If Jack Lalanne advised you of it on his television show, in his books or on an infomercial, the odds are exceedingly high that he?d practiced it enough to be considered a bona fide expert in the topic and that it would dramatically improve your health if followed.


The diet and training regimen that LaLanne followed and prescribed, which continued in the form of two hour workouts into his ninth decade, kept him more physically capable than a lot of men half his age. Jack LaLanne was either the innovator or perpetuator of a great deal of the solid fitness and nutrition information that is available and working for dedicated people today, and despite the fact that he is no longer with us there are still a number of things that we can take away from the life and work of Jack LaLanne.


The father of the modern fitness movement advocated training until achieving muscle fatigue, or until hitting failure. This practice is still widely implemented by trainers and trainees who are interested in seeing maximum results from the work that they put in at the gym.

Not all of your workouts have to be epic two hour adventures a la Jack LaLanne, but if you want to see powerful results you?ve actually got to make the effort to get up off of your ass on a regular basis. As far as what to do, LaLanne didn?t discriminate; he participated in weight training, body weight exercise, swam and swam while towing boats.


When it came to diet LaLanne has a few memorable quotes ? including, ?if man made it, don?t eat? and ?if it tastes good, spit it out.? While my own views on dieting aren?t quite as strict as Jack LaLanne?s, these two quotes can serve as sound advice in many respects.

A diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of fish, whole grains and egg whites is quite a bit healthier for you than one consisting of overly processed foods that are high in empty calories and loaded with saturated fats.

Much like the fitness example, it isn?t necessarily completely essential to eliminate everything that you enjoy from your diet that wasn?t grown from a tree or pulled out of a fresh water lake. If your primary sources of calories are picked out of a box or acquired from a drive thru window, it?s safe to say that your diet could use and overhaul though.

Focusing on adding whole, fresh foods to your diet and limiting your intake of processed and preservative laden foods and drinks that are loaded with added sweeteners will likely be a huge step in getting you closer to looking and feeling much healthier.

If you find yourself wondering why following Jack LaLanne?s example for a healthier life is a better option than following some other seemingly healthy fitness guru?s, consider just how surprised the vast majority of people were to see him pass away. This guy was nearly a century old, but the lifestyle that he led and advocated kept him healthy enough that a whole hell of a lot of people, including health and fitness industry professionals, thought that he might have died before his time ? at the age of ninety six. That?s about as powerful a statement as I could think of for following someone?s example for a healthier lifestyle.

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