Must-Read: AskMen’s 99 Hottest Women of 2011

Oh, lists. They are a joy to read on the Internet. Really, they can be considered the essential reason that the Internet exists in the first place for three specific reasons: (1) They’re quick; (2) They’re easy to read; and (3) they’re the ultimate online nerd conversation starter. (“No, sir! I DON’T think ‘True Grit’ should be ranked above ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ in the list of the best Coen Brothers movies of all time!”)

Well, the folks over at have put together quite a list that definitely deserves to be forwarded along to your closest friends. Not only does it include all of the above ingredients of a great list, but it also has a fourth essential quality: (4) extremely hot women.

The list is of the 99 “Most Desirable Women of 2011.” They asked a whole bunch of their readers some questions and used science(!) to come up with the list, so you know it has to be legit. Except … well, we don’t mean to call bullshit on some of this, but the following is a photo of number 99 on their list:

Minka Kelly

That’s right. It’s Minka Kelly?!?! She’s number 99 on the list? There is virtually no way there are 98 more attractive women on the planet than her. Right?

In any case, head over to, check out the list, and voice your agreements/complaints!


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