Must-Read: Obey These Chili Rules

Now that's some chili

As I write this, my beans, kidney and black, are soaking in water overnight as I prep my various foods for the most important day of the year: Super Bowl Chili Cook-Out Day! (The reason I’m writing this before the cook-out, by the way, is because I figure I’ll be laid up both Monday and Tuesday with a bout of massive intestinal inflammation and destruction. Wouldn’t have it any other way!) But whilst performing my massive amount of research for how to concoct the best chili for this cook-out– I’m looking at you, Hottest Chili Award! — I came across this Men’s Health article detailing the 11 Ultimate Rules of Chili that I figured is a must-read for you all, even if the Super Bowl is over.

Among the most vital rules:

Ultimate Chili Rule # 2
Go to a Spanish-American grocery store and get some nice dried chilis. You can use the crappiest beef ever, but if you get good chilis from a Mexican bodega, you can turn that beef into some great flavors.
?Noah Bernamoff, Mile End

Ultimate Chili Rule # 5
It has to be a little bit smokey. If it?s not smokey, it?s not really chili.
?Josh Sharkey, Bark Hot Dogs

Ultimate Chili Rule # 8
Dark Beer and Coca-Cola. They act as a sweetener and a thickener.
?Yesenia Santibanez, Carino

The article also has a chili recipe that has an insane amount of peppers in it; the more, the merrier. So, then. Are there any rules regarding chili that you all have? Leave them in the comments blow. Best chili rule/recommendation gets … our address so you can send us some of your leftover chili!

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