Must-Read: Watch Out For These Bad Girls

Ah, yes. The old conundrum. There’s a girl who you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is going to be a big heaping ball of trouble. She’s either been through way too many boyfriends, or had a horribly fucked-up childhood, or is, you know, a stripper … and you just know that getting involved in a relationship with her is probably not going to be worth the huge headaches that will come with it. This is your brain speaking.

Bad Girls Smoking

But your brain is a terrible debater when it comes to getting involved in relationships. It’s basically the Joe Lieberman of your body, having no oratory skills and delivering the (and this is where our comparison to Lieberman begins to show its holes) valid points with no gravitas, making them ripe to ignore. Instead, as we all do, we ignore the tell-tale signs of a “bad girl” and just move in without thinking. Which, exactly, is why this article from is so vital to read.

It’s all about the “bad girls” and what makes them so bad and why they act like they do. Here’s the first three bad girls listing on the article, just to give you a taste:

The Gold-digger (like Anna Nicole Smith and Oksana Grigorieva) wants a sugar daddy to pamper her because she feels entitled to take from a man what her father couldn?t or wouldn?t give her.

The Addict (like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Brooke Mueller) not only wants her substance of choice, but also an enabler to help her fill the inner void left over from lack of nurturance as a child.

The Sex Siren wants to be idolized for her sexual powers and uses sex as a weapon to turn men into lapdogs. Marilyn Monroe was sexually abused as a little girl and later used her sensuality as a survival strategy to hide the pain.

They say knowing is half the battle. Maybe knowing what makes these bad girls tick will give your brain a bit more power when you encounter the next one.

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