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Top Five Movies of Julianne Moore

Looking at the movie release schedule and seeing that Julianne Moore had ?Shelter? coming out gave me pause to think of this gorgeous woman and all of the great movies she?s been a part of making. I?m not completely closed off to ?Shelter? and it might be good, but I know it won?t top any of the movies on her top five list and I doubt it will be better than a few that didn?t like ?Children of Men,? ?The Kids Are All Right? and ?The Hours.? (I?m not saying ?The Kids Are All Right? is a great movie. I had problems with it. But, there is no question that Julianne, Annette Bening, Mia Wasikowska and Mark Ruffalo do a fantastic job acting in it.)

5. Magnolia

Let's not forget how hot she is

It?s funny how many of these movies have a connection in my mind besides Julianne. When I think of ?Magnolia,? I think of Paul Thomas Anderson and then I think of the third movie on this list. Then I think of what must have been his influence for making this movie and I think of the second movie on this list. It?s a great sweeping movie and it goes to show the quality of movies that Julianne has been in that it only comes in at five.

4. A Single Man

Maybe a bit of a surprise here, but the scenes between Julianne and Colin Firth just help to give this movie much of it weight. Those two are fun to watch acting with one another. Whenever I think of this movie, I can?t help but think of the similarly named ?A Serious Man? which makes me think of the Coen Brothers and probably gives you a clue as to what is the top movie on my list.

3. Boogie Nights

The other P.T. Anderson on this list, it?s a fantastic movie about the porn industry here in Southern California. I?m not sure why it is more memorable than ?Magnolia? for me. Well, I take that back. The fact that Julianne and Heather Graham prance around nude for much of the movie makes it definitely more memorable. There?s also Philip Seymour Hoffman?s crush on Mark Wahlberg, Don Cheadle explaining hi-fis and so much more.

2. Short Cuts

I like Robert Altman?s films a lot and ?Short Cuts? is always near the top of my list for his films. I saw in the theater twice, which is rare for me to do with a film. It?s a great piece of art. If you press me, the most memorable scene in the film is Julianne taking off her dress and ironing it without wearing any underwear. It?s erotic at the same time it?s so natural and it expresses so much frustration and emotion at her lot in life. If you watch this movie, you?ll see a lot of the similarities of the storytelling of ?Magnolia.? Which is a fantastic thing.

1. The Big Lebowski

The more I think about it, the more I think this has the potential to be my favorite movie of all time. It has great acting from Jeff Bridges as The Dude, it?s one of the most quotable movies ever, Sam Elliott?s mustache makes and appearance, there are nihilists and of course you have the lovely Julianne. (In addition, you have a young Tara Reid, in one of her first movie roles and where my crush on her began.) I just hope one day I can roll as well as The Dude.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Julianne Moore top five?

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