Must-Read: Clean Your Life


As I write this, there is a mountain of shit on my desk. It is full of papers, gadgets, other papers, bills sent by companies that have not yet processed my request to handle this whole thing paperless, CDs (yes, I still have some), DVDs, coffee mugs, gum, and a box of Nerds I got from a concert the other night. And this is after I spent some time cleaning my room. Which is to say, I live in a fucking pig sty, and it’s hard to change it no matter how hard I want to.

Seeing as some of you may be in the same dire situation as I, I’m recommending this piece over at Men’s Fitness regarding how to “Power Clean Your Life.” It’s a vital read, and it even goes beyond the basic “clean this shit, move this shit over here” types of advice. Such as:

Power Clean Your Mind

Unplug for 10 to 15 minutes daily. “Schedule a bit of time for peace of mind. You’ll be more grounded, and you’ll have a stronger sense of purpose,” Walsh says. Practice tai chi or meditation. Or simply turn off the radio and phone when you’re in the car and use that time to decompress and reflect.

Stop multitasking. “In life, we’re encouraged to juggle multiple tasks at once, but ultimately that just dilutes your attention,” says Walsh. Instead? Be where you are. “If you’re working out, be there. If you’re on the phone, be there. If you’re at dinner with a girlfriend, be there. It’s the single biggest tip for creating a balanced and focused life.”

Important stuff! I just started doing some meditation again, and can’t tell you how important this is just to get through the stress and rigors of the day. In any case, read up on it everyone! Get control over the clutter of your life again!

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