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Dealing With Rejection Like A Man

Keep It Together, Fellas

What’s stopping you from approaching each and every sexy woman that you come across in your daily travels? What keeps you from asking out the hot new receptionist at work? Why do you find yourself having platonic conversations with the women you meet rather than flirty conversations that end with you getting her number?

The answer is “FEAR OF REJECTION” – Plain and simple!

Having a girl turn you down is something most guys try to avoid like the plague! But, ironically rejection is actually a BLESSING in disguise.

“Whoa there Jake,” you may be saying, “I want to learn how to pull hot chicks, not get rejected by them.”

But, don’t worry, I’m going to explain how to lose your fear of rejection and replace it with something women gobble up like a kitten lapping up a bowl of cream!

The first thing you need to understand is WHAT you are really afraid of.

Breaking It Down

It's not that bad

You are scared of rejection because you erroneously believe that a woman’s rejection will prove that you are an unattractive, unsuccessful loser. And nobody wants to be an unattractive, unsuccessful loser.

The key to dealing with these negative feelings is accepting the fact that rejection is a part of life that EVERYBODY has to deal with at some point. So it does not in any way brand you as a loser.

Don’t listen to those so called “pick-up artists” who say they can approach 10 women and get 10 numbers. A claim like that is a sure sign that somebody is full of shit!

Trust me when I tell you that super fine women get rejected sometimes too. Good looking, famous guys get rejected. Smooth player guys get rejected (a lot). And that’s just the way it is!

In fact, guys who are successful with women will get rejected hundreds of times MORE often over the course of their lifetimes because they keep going for it. Successful people realize that rejection is part of life and they don’t let it have any power over them.

If you can learn to think about rejection the right way and then experience it in it’s purest form, you’ll discover that you have nothing to be afraid of either.

That’s why rejection is such a blessing, it’s like a teacher that helps you build your inner-game!

When I was working on developing my skills with women a few years back I would often find myself worried that if I pushed a situation forward I might get rejected. So what I’d do was simply remind myself over and over again that everything would be OK, either way.

Over time I got myself so convinced about the “OK-ness” of rejection that now when I’m talking to a girl I’m interested in I automatically get into a super relaxed and comfortable state with her.

And, as we all know, women love it when a guy can be totally relaxed about the whole process of picking them up. So, not only does this approach help you to deal with rejection but it actually helps you look good and create a sexy vibe with the woman you are talking to.

And in those unavoidable cases when rejection comes, as it does for everybody, it’s nothing to get bent out of shape over.

Just remember that it’s gonna be OK and you’ll be able to maintain your relaxed demeanor and mental state and just shrug it off, and don’t be surprised if you find that you get rejected a lot less because you aren’t showing women any signs of fear anymore.

That being said, one of the easiest places for guys to get started meeting women and getting more dates that you should not overlook is the Internet. Even the most timid guy on earth can approach women online.

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