Must-Read: Signs She’s Interested In You

This one, for example, wants you

A girl is not (unless she’s insane) going to come out and tell you that she’s interested in you. She’s going to hint at it and offer little signs to you that, if you’re not looking, may miss. Meaning that you may miss a girl who is basically telling you she wants to be with you simply because you don’t know what to look for.

I’ve been guilty of this my entire life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a girl come up to me and tell me that she used to be interested in me. (But, you know, has since moved on or is in a relationship or something.) And it always gets me because, to be honest, here was a girl who was putting herself on a silver platter for me … and I just didn’t put it together. Which is why this read from has to be viewed by everyone. It runs down the 8 signs that she is interested in you. If I would have read this when I was a young tyke, there’s no telling how many women I wouldn’t have inadvertently turned down.

Just to give you a taste, here’s the first sign:

1- She’s “in your face”

Suddenly, you’ll become aware of her presence everywhere — she “just happens” to show up wherever you hang out; you keep passing her in the hallway at work; she “accidentally” bumps into you; she maneuvers to stand close to you at a club.

What she’s doing is trying to get you to notice her and giving you an opportunity to make the first move. The problem with this female strategy is that a lot of guys are completely oblivious to it and, consequently, throw away a lot of chances to hook up. Men are direct; women are indirect. So, next time a woman starts appearing regularly in your path, be aware that she’s likely doing it on purpose.

Super obvious, right? I know. But for whatever reason it’s obvious signs like this that are sometimes the hardest to see. So it’s good to get another primer of them now and then. Like I said, vital reading.

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