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In the next few months, I’m going to be doing a whole bunch of traveling. Both here, throughout the U.S., and also abroad. (Got my new passport photo all ready the other week!) But the thing that always gets me when I’m traveling is that I can’t seem to pack correctly. It’s usually a hodge-podge of nonsense, razors stored here, shaving cream in this area, a few towels probably, some aftershave perhaps, a toothbrush if I’m lucky … and that’s about it. The problem is, since I’m a trouble packer, I find myself having to buy a lot of accessories and pleasantries wherever my destination ends up being when, really, if I would have taken some extra time I would have already had the things with me. What a waste of money. Which is why, today, I’m highlighting this article over at Men’s Health about the various items you should have packed for your trips.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Moisturize before boarding
Cabin air can seriously dry your skin and lips. The fix: Air Repair Rescue Balm ($10), which soothes lips and craggy cuticles. If you’re prone to eye wrinkles, Anthony for Men Eye Cream ($28) keeps lines where they belong?at the security gate.

Pack twofers
That hair-washing experiment with bar soap didn’t succeed when you were a kid, because you weren’t using the right soap. A squirt of Jack Black All-Over Wash ($9) can tackle your skin and hair, and saves you carry-on space.

This is the type of tips we’re talking about here. In any case, if you plan on traveling ANYWHERE in the next bit, you’re going to want to check out the link.

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