The Keys to Online Dating

The Bolder, The Better

Let?s face it, Internet dating is not a particularly bold way to meet women. In fact, it takes zero balls whatsoever to email women on a dating site and?try to get dates with them. But here?s the awesome part: Because online dating naturally appeals to timid men, your competition is weak as HELL!

Make her excited

It?s true, 99% of guys doing online dating have seriously weak game. If you don?t believe me, check it out for yourself. Just put a dummy profile up of a hot?chick and see what kind of lame responses you get. This is an old trick that guys have been doing for years. But if you never tried it, it can be an eye?opener.

The trick to getting women into you online is knowing how to stand out from these other guys and create the right impression. You do that, and suddenly?you?ve just given yourself literally LIMITLESS options of hot women you can date.

So, today I want to talk about one very important aspect of creating this right impression:

?Letting her know that you are not a pussy.?

Now as we all know women don?t like wimpy men who they can whip and control. So, when you?re first introducing yourself to a woman online it?s really?important that you give her some STRONG cues right off that bat that let her know that you?re a stallion!

It?s important to get this point across early and often when you?re communicating with a woman online. If you don?t, you run the serious risk that she?ll?just decide you?re a putz.

So here are 5 ways to be bolder online:

1. Get a little edgier in your profile

If your profile says that you are a ?nice guy? or ?just a normal, average guy? women will probably believe AND ignore you. Sure women will tell you that?they?re sick of dating bad-boys, but you know the drill, they still need that edge to feel attraction. So be sure to put in at least one thing in your?profile that says ?frankly my dear, I really don?t give a damn!?

2. Ask her out quick

One of the first things that I discovered when I first tried out online dating was that the longer I waited to get her number and set up a date, the less?likely that we would ever actually meet up. The reason is momentum. When a woman first starts writing to you online there?s always at a minimum some kind of?baseline attraction. Otherwise she wouldn?t be emailing you. If you do things right, you?ll amp up that attraction by pushing the envelope and keep moving?things forward. What a lot of guys do and what I used to do was get stuck in email-chat-land. And that?s not bold or fun or sexy.

3. A sexy picture

Going shirtless is usually a bad idea, but there are other ways to turn a woman on with your pictures. This is a key part of your online dating success, and?it?s where many guys drop the ball. So seriously, go through your pictures and try to find one where you look somewhat like a badass. If you typically dress nerdy and boring this is an opportunity to man up your look?a little bit. Go ahead, nudge that baseball hat brim ever so slightly to the left. It?s okay, she?ll love it. ?You should also make a point to get new?pictures of yourself regularly and then test them out on photo rating sites to see which one women like.

The truth is, being bolder than the other guys online is easy as hell! In fact I even had a girl tell me that the simple fact that I sent an email rather?than a ?wink? was a bold move, so it really doesn?t take much.

To learn just how easy this whole ?meeting tons of women online? thing can be checkout my Online Dating?Playbook. It’ll teach you how to meet new women online like clockwork!

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