Must-Read: Ninja Dating!

Dating rituals used to be so easy. You’d meet a girl, call her up on the phone a few days later, and set up a time and date for the two of you to meet up. In extreme cases, you might have to pick her up on your way to see a movie or dinner or something, and would have to spend a few minutes shaking her father’s hand, making sure he thinks you’re an alright guy, before leaving for your date. But that was as extreme as it got.

Leave it to the Chinese to get even more extreme.

A pair of sisters in China are holding a goddamn kung fu tournament to see who gets to have the right to date them. Yikes:

First contestants must show off their archery skills, then they must carry a heavy weight over sharpened bamboo spears, and finally they have to defeat one of the sisters in full contact combat.

Only then will contestants earn the right to remove the girls’ masks and propose to them.

That’s right. The guys signing up for this don’t even know what the girls look like until after they win. Here’s what they have to go on:

Ninja Girls!

So, you know, it could go either way. In my own opinion, I’d much rather have to spend a few minutes with her father than trying (and probably failing) to beat her in kung fu.

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