Real Man Stuff: How To Buy a House

Home buying made easy

I have yet to enter the “buying a house” kind of mentality. Let’s be honest here: even a 6-month lease tends to be a little more commitment than I’m usually interested in getting myself stuck in. So I’ve never had to actually deal with the ins-and-outs that goes along with buying a house. THAT SAID, I do envision a day, one day in the very far future, where I will be ready to settle down with the Missus and we’ll have to delve into the nonsense and mess that is home-buying. Which is why I devoured this article over at about various tips for buying a home. This is important stuff, people!


Put 20% down
This next home-buying tip for single men is critical: You need to put 20% down. When purchasing, say, a $300,000 house, you need to put $60,000 down upfront. That 20% down payment gives you equity right from the start to protect you if the market trends downward. You?ll also get a lower interest rate on your mortgage. Thus, you?ll have a smaller, more affordable monthly mortgage payment. But most important today, many banks won?t give you a mortgage without 20% down. Bottom line: If you can?t scrape together the 20%, then you probably can?t afford to buy just yet. Keep shacking up with your old college roommate for another year or two.

And, you know, much much more! Even if you’re not yet thinking about buying a place, it is vital reading for everyone with hopes of one day actually owning a place of their own. Check it out.

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