Top Five Movies of Vera Farmiga

I still remember the first time I saw Vera Farmiga in a movie. She had the ability to make me think I?d seen her act thousands of times and at the same time make me wonder how a beauty like her had not gotten my attention earlier. So, when ?The Source Code? opens, I?m sure I?ll be captivated by Vera?s charms once more. However, I kind of think that she?ll have a lot of work to do to surpass her top movies.

5. Orphan

The gorgeous Vera Farmiga

I?ll admit that this one is still on my list to see. Why haven?t I watched it yet? Because I didn?t see it quick enough to escape the spoiler talk regarding the titular orphan. Once I forget all spoilers (and that?s why I won?t mention any here) I?ll see it for the hope that I?m scared a bit, I laugh a bit and I?m captivated by Vera all over again.

4. The Manchurian Candidate

Though not a big part, Vera still gets credit for being in a remake that at least did not sully the reputation of the original by being so bad. That?s not a small accomplishment as far as remakes go.

3. The Departed

This is a fantastic movie and the relationship between Vera and Leonardo DiCaprio gives DiCaprio?s character a bit of heart as everything fails around him and basically everyone else in the movie but Mark Wahlberg (in probably my favorite role of his.)

2. Dummy

The first time I saw Vera was in this small little quirky romantic comedy. One, it showed be how beautiful an actress Vera is and two, it showed me that Adrien Brody is pretty darn funny. You may have missed this one, but I would recommend finding it on Netflix to check it out for Vera, if nothing else.

1. Up in the Air

You know how you can tell an actress is hot? If you believe that she could break George Clooney?s heart. Being able to pull that off is the ultimate test in hottie believability and Vera hit this one out of the park. Another beautiful thing about this movie is that it introduced Anna Kendrick to a much wider audience, and that is not a bad thing.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Vera Farmiga top five?

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