Never Get Flaked On by College Girls Again

The Trick Is Simple

I have bad news, I lied in the title and have tricked you into reading my article. There is no way to completely eliminate girls flaking on you when it comes to the first date. You are eternally doomed to deal with girls ditching you or breaking plans till the day you die. This will happen even more in college.

However, before you go and swear off women for the rest of your life, there is good news. You can drastically reduce the amount of flakes you get by applying a few no brainer changes to your dating game plan.

Don’t be him

The best way to actually limit girls ditching you is making a solid connection with them when you meet and truly liking each other. Sometimes, this still is not enough though if you go about planning the date the wrong way.

It?s essential to understand why most college girls are extremely flakey when it comes to dating. Girls ,for most part, cannot handle any type of social pressure or awkwardness. They will do almost anything to avoid it. On top of this most college girls probably have only been on a few dates in their life. Because of this, there is immediately a lot of pressure put upon them if they are even a little bit unsure about the guy.

Unlike you, if a hot girl plays it safe and does not take risk dating wise, she can still?get laid by guys she?s attracted to. Therefore, the only repercussion she has for flaking on you is getting a mean text from you, which she can ignore (or laugh at with her friends).

So, in order to get her to show up on the date the best thing you can possibly do is relieve the pressure off her. A lot of guys I know make this horrible mistake and scare off a girl by doing stuff like

-Setting up a big elaborate dinner date. (She will feel pressured to like you since your trying to hard.)

-Inviting her over to her house immediately. (She will be pressured to put out and there is a huge risk for awkwardness. This only works if the girl is really into you.)

-Trying to make set in stone plans. (She will feel pressured to commit to something, and say no just to avoid commitment.)

These are all killers that can be easily avoided. The girls want to do these things, but there is always the ?What if?? in the back of her head if she doesn?t quite know you. To give you?idea of how to set up a pressure free date I am going to let you in on my plan of attack.

One the most successful ways I have gotten a girl to meet up with me is inviting them hang out with me while I write at Starbucks. I simply will text them ?Hey, I am Starbucks doing some work, if you?re not busy come chill for a bit.?

This seems like a no brainer, but look at what I accomplished.

A) Very casual low key date. (No pressure)

B) It?s in a public and social atmosphere so the chances for severe awkwardness are low.

C) I am already there working on something, if she cannot make it is no big deal. There is no pressure on her to commit or guilt by saying no.

So in short, she will show up purely because she wants to and because it is so casual and low key she will feel comfortable doing so. This is the most essential part of getting girls to not flake on a date. You can apply it many ways as well. Next time you think a girl might flake, plan a date by asking yourself ?Does this create pressure??

Even if this date does not get you initial action it will help you out a ton. This date is giving you a chance to kill the ?What ifs? the girl has about you. After she has realized you?re not a serial killer it will be much easier to get her to come over to your house and run around naked. If they still are flaking though, it?s probably not meant to be. Stop chasing them for a bit and maybe they will come around. Or you could used the tried and true method of kidnapping and death threats. They get the job done every time! (I do not endorse kidnapping or threatening to kill girls for flaking.)


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