Must-Read: These Canned Foods Will Kill You

Chicken noodle soup

We are a busy people. Every now and then it’s nice to get our hands dirty by doing some cooking — just the other day we made some amazing pork ribs in the slow cooker — but when we can’t find the time, we usually turn to eating out. Of course, budgetary and health concerns eventually come into play and we just try to eat quick and cheap at home. In most cases, this means heading into the canned goods section of the grocery store, buying 5 cans for 5 bucks or whatever deal they have, and cracking them open for a quick meal.

What we didn’t know was that we were basically killing ourselves! has an article today listing the worst canned foods around. The biggest one, the one that’s going to get us, is goddamn chicken noodle soup:

Canned chicken-noodle soup

Chicken soup might have been your convalescing meal of choice when you were young. It was gentle, warming and nourishing, but as is so often the case, this low-fat, low-sugar food has become quite different in the age of ?lowest price wins.? As a nutritional choice, it might seem ideal given that its makeup is proportionally representative of what the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) suggest your daily intake of carbs, protein and fats is. But hidden under the surface lies a health hazard: a lot of sodium. The CNPP suggests a maximum of 2,400 mg of sodium per day, and the American Heart Association suggests even less at 1,500 mg. A single can of chicken-noodle soup can pack over 1,800 mg of sodium — 75% of your RDI, even by generous estimates. Your best bet? Make it at home and freeze it for later use. Try Simon Majumdar’s chicken soup recipe for an ultra-healthy Asian-inspired dish.

Thanks for nothing, Andy Warhol.

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