Jake Vandenhoff’s Full Body Power Workout

Work Out Like A Pro

Clearly not Jake, but still a workout pro

Many of you may be familiar with me from the dating articles I?ve published on this site. What you may not know is that I?m also a fitness buff. Yep, old?Jake loves pumping iron! So today I?m going to share with you a bad ass workout that I do fairly often.

This is a great workout for when you are only getting into the gym once or twice a week and therefore can?t split train all your different muscle groups. Optimally, I like to workout 6 days a week. Here?s the split:

Monday – Chest, Triceps
Tuesday – Back, Biceps
Wednesday – Legs, Delts, Abs
Thursday – Chest, triceps
Friday – Back, Biceps
Saturday – Cardio, Delts, Abs

Realistically though, six days a week can be a bit much when you have other stuff going on. So when I know I?m not going to be able to make it to the gym for a?few days I like to do this full body power work out and hit everything.

The key is to amp up the intensity. Since you are only doing one or two exercises per body part, you need to go to the brink of failure on the last set of?every exercise. Now I know 3-6 ?working sets? per body part doesn?t seem like much, but when you are doing 10 body parts it is a pretty damn serious workout.

Oh, and for the PUAs out there talking about how you don?t need to work out to attract women, I agree with you. But being in shape does help, a lot. And it?s?a good idea if you want to feel good and stay healthy!

The Workout

Here?s the workout: Do four sets for every exercise, one light (12-15 reps), one moderate (10 reps), and two heavy (7 to 10 reps):

1) Squats – (I use the squat machine)
2) Incline Dumbbell Press
3) Bent Barbell Rows
4) Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5) Lying Hamstring curls
6) Dips
7) Dumbbell Curls
8) Cable Pull downs
9) Tricep Cable Press Downs
10) Calf Raises

I like to start with 10-15 minutes on the elliptical machine, and finish with a few cable flys to finish off my pecs and then it?s time to go suck down a?protein shake. I like the all natural chocolate flavored whey with almond milk and a little peanut butter. It does a body good!

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