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Having a STUD Mentality

And Why It?s Important

As you probably already know, the biggest factor that determines what you do with your life is your MENTALITY.

If you go through life thinking that you can never accomplish anything, you?re liable to end up in your parents basement at 35, lying around eating bags of candy, playing video games, and jackin? it like 24-7 … womanless, penniless, and without purpose.

If on the other hand, you have what I like to call a ?STUD mentality? you will have no other option than to live large, follow your dreams, and experience INCREDIBLE women…

So what is this Stud mentality all about? And how can a guy develop it?

The three pillars of STUDDOM:

1. A Stud Resists Negativity Like Teflon

Can't get much studlier than Ash

Sometimes it can seem like the world is against you. Your boss is riding your ass all day at work. Your roommate never has his half of the rent. Your girlfriend ran off with some meat-head, and a pigeon just took a massive dump on your face. What?s a stud to do?

Laugh it off.

Bad stuff happens to everybody, the difference is how a stud reacts to it. So wipe that bird poop off your face, and focus on what you do have going for yourself. You?re probably a hell of a lot better off than most people on the planet. So focus on the positive. Tell your boss to eat a dick (after you line up something else), get a new roommate and bang your ex-girlfriend?s hottie cousin.

2. A Stud is NOT AFRAID to Express Himself

The way a stud attracts women is through his self-confidence and vibrant personality. A Stud doesn?t need to be meek or fake with women because he trusts that he can show his true self to women without anything ?bad? happening.

A stud?s freedom to do and say whatever he wants, even if it goes against common customs and norms is extremely attractive and down right exhillerating to women. This behavior will make you literally MAGNETIC to chicks.

3. Studs Look For Answers and NEVER Give Up

Being a quitter is the opposite of being a stud. I?ve known a lot of men in my life who pretty much gave up on there dreams. These guys settled for both crummy jobs and crummy or even straight up NON-EXISTANT sex lives. And to me this is VERY sad.

The crazy part is that a some of these guys might even be smarter than me. They are funny, good-looking guys but for some reason they just quit before they figured stuff out. And there?s really no excuse, they are just quitters!

The truth is anyone is capable of having a stud mentality and being a stud. You just can?t give up before you get there.

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Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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