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Top Five Movies of Jennifer Garner

As a fan of J.J. Abrams?s ?Lost,? the reboot of ?Star Trek,? and even ?Mission Impossible: III,? it feels weird to say that I never watched a single episode of Jennifer Garner?s big starring role, ?Alias.? (I also should note here that J.J. is also credited as a writer of one of my favorite guilty pleasures in ?Armageddon? and I don?t know how I feel about that.) ?Alias? is still probably what Jennifer is most known for, though she has made several movies and is the current Jennifer connected to her husband Ben Affleck. (The fact that there was anything ever called ?Bennifer? is kind of scary.)

Well, even though they might not be as well known as ?Alias,? Jennifer has made some pretty cool movies and the remake of ?Arthur? that is out could eventually add to this list as well.

5. The Invention of Lying

Yeah, so maybe we should rewatch "Alias"

Combine the talents of three of the people behind the hilariousness of NBC on Thursdays (Tina Fey of ?30 Rock,? Rob Lowe of ?Parks and Recreation? and Ricky Gervais of the original ?The Office?) add in the best stand-up in Louis C.K. with Jennifer, and I don?t see how this movie didn?t get seen by more people.

4. Daredevil

Ok, I?ll probably lose any geek cred I had with listing this movie in a top list of anything. This movie was generally reviled by anyone that cared about the source material. However, I dare you to think this is the worst superhero movie after watching Jennifer?s spin-off, ?Elektra.?

3. Juno

It?s not the biggest part, but I have to say that the comedy nerd seeing Jennifer being married to Michael Bluth makes me happy that Michael finally found a girl worthy of him. It?s too bad that just like in ?Arrested Development? with most of the ladies he met, he had to screw it up here as well.

2. Dude, Where?s My Car?

This is the very definition of a guilty pleasure. The studio announced this movie on April Fool?s Day and from there, I knew just by the title that I had to see it. It?s goofy, it?s silly and it goes off on some tangents that don?t make sense, but I still laugh at some of the jokes.

1. 13 Going on 30

If there is something more popular than ?Alias,? this is it, and it is well worth the attention. This movie has two things going for it: Jennifer looking fantastic while being innocent is perfect casting and Liz Phair as part of the soundtrack. With support from Mark Ruffalo and another Arrested Development alum in Judy Greer, it?s a nice breezy romantic comedy.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Jennifer Garner top five?

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