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How To Get Laid On The First Date


I’ve been taking polls … and one of the main things guys tell me they want to know about is how to get laid on the first date.

This is somewhat of a specialty of mine, and it’s something I love talking about. Many guys don’t realize that the first date is in many cases the most natural time for your first sexual escapade with a girl. It’s not hard to do, it’s just a matter of handling a few different variables and having a solid game plan.

I’ve identified 3 factors that pretty much determine whether a first date is going to end with her cooking you eggs in the morning, or an awkward hug…

FACTOR 1: The Girl

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This is the most important factor, and it’s one that many guys overlook when they think about this stuff. The fact is that some girls just won’t EVER give it up on the first date no matter what. Depending on a woman’s firmly held beliefs she may even want to wait until she is in a committed relationship before she’ll get in the sack with you.

Luckily for you, most girls are not like this nowadays, and many, many, many of them are TOTALLY DTF on the first date! When I first realized how many girls can be “good to go” in under an hour, it blew my mind. But that’s just the way it is…

So, if you want to get laid on the first date, pick a girl who is sexually open and adventurous. Now this isn’t always something you can tell right away. But use your head, if she loves talking about church, wears turtlenecks, and is offended by dirty jokes then your chances of first night nooky are pretty slim.

FACTOR 2: Your Game

Obviously this is a major factor. If you are awkward, lack flirting skills, and are too scared to touch her, your not getting any. But, that being said – you really don’t need to be a dating mastermind to hook up with a chick on the first date.

The main thing to realize is that if she’s on a date with you then she’s already kinda into you. All you’ve got to do is not screw it up. So don’t start overanalyzing everything or trying to incorporate a hundred different PUA tactics. Just chill, listen to her, smile, touch her, make light-hearted jokes, and get your sexy eye contact going. Usually this is all it takes!

FACTOR 3: Logistics

This is a really important factor, and one I used to goof up all the time. You could have a girl who is totally hot for you and all the game in the world, but if the logistics are wrong it’s just not going to be able to come together.

The basic formula is to have the date somewhere near your house, and to make sure she doesn’t have any prior engagements that are going to interfere. I used to set up day time dates with girls, and just when we’ve gotten a little tipsy and start making out all of a sudden she remembers she is supposed to have dinner with her aunt. Total buzzkill.

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About Jake Vandenhoff

Jake Vandenhoff is a dating coach and author specializing in self-development and online dating. He offers an array of programs to help guys succeed with women naturally, without relying on outdated PUA tactics. His Online Dating Playbook offers step-by-step instructions for meeting girls online, and connecting with them authentically. Visit to claim a free copy of Jake's Online Dating Secrets eCourse.

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  2. Patrick Chase

    May 11, 2011 at 6:41 am

    It never hurts to have a bottle of Lemon Gin kicking around either 😉

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