Taking Your Online Game Up A Notch

It?s no secret that most guys struggle with online dating and ultimately give up on it before they even get one decent date out of the deal. Funny thing is … most guys can turn into online dating powerhouses if they just make a few small tweaks to their dating profiles and the emails that they are sending.

Online dating success doesn?t necessarily require that you come up with an AMAZING profile that wows the ladies. It just has to be ?good enough? to get the job done. The problem most guys make is that their profile and emails are full of red flags that take them out of the game and negate everything else that they are doing right.

Over the past couple of years I?ve helped thousands of guys improve their online dating skills and what I?ve noticed is that most guys all make the same types of mistakes over and over and over again.

Take it up a notch!

Small mistakes that pretty much ensure that they won?t get any lovin? from the girls of the internet. When you fix these problems, your results can change OVERNIGHT!

Mistake 1: Writing a Boring Profile

As I?m sure you know, desirable women do NOT want to date boring bland vanilla men in pleated tan khakis, who ?work hard but play harder? and ?like to go out for nights on the town but also enjoy staying in and watching movies on the couch.? Descriptions like this will either put her to sleep or make her puke in her mouth.

Mistake 2: Bad Spelling and Grammar

I can?t tell you how many guys email me asking ?Can you give me advise for this gurl?? And these are guys born here, in the USA. INEXCUSABLE! Writing like this makes you look mentally deficient, straight up. Run that shit through a spell checker for Pete?s sake. I also do what I call profile makeovers for guys, and you would not believe the egregious spelling and grammatical errors these guys have in their profiles. It?s not cute.

Mistake 3: Trying to Use Advanced PUA Techniques

Talking to girls online does not need to be complicated. And trying to use advanced ?pick up methods? online is not only unnecessary, it?s likely to blow up in your face. Take ?negs? for example … making a cocky joke at a woman?s expense online can turn her off fast!

Online, all you need to do is let her know you are a fun, normal guy who isn?t gonna stalk her. Do that and you are automatically in the top 5% of guys on dating sites.

For the next step read my Online Dating Playbook: The proven blueprint to crushin? it online.

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