The Secret to Meeting Girls During the Day Time

Keep It Simple

Look, I have bad news for all of you who have been going out every night and practicing your pick up skills.

You?re going to die alone …just kidding. But I do actually have something you need to know about pick up that is almost totally overlooked?nine times out of ten in the learning process. One of the big pitfalls guys run into when they start trying to meet girls during the day is that the only pick up experience they have to go off of is from night clubs and bars.

While these experiences can help you drastically, they are also extremely misleading and can set you up for some major failure during the day time. If you are just getting into improving your success with women you need to learn to really dumb down your game before you become a victim of extreme daytime creepiness.

What you need to understand about day game is that while at the core the process is still the same, it is drastically simpler and more subtle than night game. Ironically, this also makes it much easier than night game as well.

Don't creep her out

What throws most men off is that they apply the same game they would at night venues and expect the same results. They go for intense attraction building, long interactions and usually will try to work in some touching. This is all good and dandy when people are in a partying social mood, but it is awkwardly out of place during the day time and will actually lead to some horrible blow outs during the day … where people can see you! People will be caught off guard by direct game, they will often not have time for lengthy interactions, and touching only needs to be applied when needed. These might seem like negatives, but if you look at it another way it severely simplifies day gaming.

Day Game vs. Night Game

One huge difference between night and day game is the goals you have and the possibility for escalation. During the night you might have goals like building a lot of sexual arousal, really getting physical and a one night stand. Trying for these during the day may occasionally work, but in general your goals are much less complicated to achieve.

What you really want to focus on is simply being relaxed, making a good confident impression, and establishing a flirty fun vibe. After you have those 3 things, 99% of the time your next step will be to get a solid number close. Now those 3 things are very easy to do and do not take much advanced technique, you do not even have to anything that interesting to say. Yes, this is very different than the exciting ploys of night game and it is mostly due to the mood people are in during the average day.

The reason for a much more subtle approach is because the mindset and time priorities of people during the day greatly differ than those at night. A hot blond at a night club will be thinking ?party party, fun fun, flirt flirt, meet new people, dance dance.? Her main priority is to have fun and the possibility for sexual interactions is very likely. During the day if you approach her on the street she is probably thinking ?Go to work, Grocery shopping, Job interview, what am I eating for lunch.?

Do you see how approaching her the same way you would at a club would be really un-calibrated simply because of the mindset she is in? However, by approaching her with confidence and average conversation is pretty easy. The best part is girls picture meeting the right guy during the day, and they will be much more open to seeing you again because you are not some creep she met at a bar. So, just focus on the basics and get the number! Leave all the crazy stuff for the club.

So, in short. Next time you see lil? miss pretty face during the day, tone down the directness and pick up techniques. Instead, just stay relaxed and focus on giving off a good normal vibe. You will avoid being creepy and who knows, you might get a number or two. Or you might die alone like I stated earlier!

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