3 Reasons That Some Guys Never Get Better With Women

As a dating coach for men I get a chance to see some men make big changes in their dating lives VERY fast. Unfortunately, I also see a lot of guys who do things that make it impossible for themselves to succeed.

So if you?ve been trying to improve with women for some time now, and you?re failing to get the results you had hoped for, pay attention. This one is for you…

1. Falling For The Hype

Don't be these guys

Over the past 10 years there has been an EXPLOSION of information, mostly online, on the subject of attracting and succeeding with women. Overall, I would argue that this is a very good thing, because guys desperately need good info on these topics.

However what?s happened is that a lot of ?teachers? promote gimmicky tactics that sound kinda cool but can totally confuse a guy and make things MUCH worse.

What often happens is that a guy who has very little experience will read a pick-up manual and start believing that he needs to do all kinds of unnecessary shit when he?s out there interacting with women. You know, stuff like ?compliance tests,? ?NLP,? ?false time constraints? and the like. This is what I call the ?Dungeons and Dragons? school of pick-up! Yes, these ideas can be helpful in understanding the full spectrum of social dynamics, but 9 times out of 10 they just add to the confusion and delay real success.

2. Bad Attitude

Here?s the thing about your attitude, nobody wants to admit that they have a bad one. Everybody has reasons for why they feel the way they do, in order to justify it to themselves. But the thing is, if your attitude is that women are bitches, or that you have some fault like being too short, too ugly, too old or whatever to get the women you want ? then you?ll NEVER get them! There?s got to be an attitude shift before things can start getting good.

3. No Follow Through

Have you ever read an book or an article that seemed to really make a lot of sense and got you all jazzed up to make some changes? But then a couple days after you read it you slipped back into doing whatever you were doing before.

I used to do this all the time. And while the things I was reading did help me acquire more raw knowledge, without actually applying the knowledge I never made much progress.

This is pattern that happens to a lot of guys. In fact a lot of guys who read my book end up coming to me for coaching afterwards because although they tell me that they learned a lot, they just couldn’t motivate themselves to apply what they learned.

The fact is that you could read 100 books on picking up women or even go to 100 seminars or boot-camps, but if you don?t take what you?ve learned and start applying it on a regular basis it?s just not gonna do you any good.

If you?re ready to stop making excuses and start getting the women you want today, I urge you to read my Online Dating Playbook and learn my proven strategies for meeting insane amounts of women. And then follow through and actual do it!

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About Jake Vandenhoff Jake Vandenhoff is a dating coach and author specializing in self-development and online dating. He offers an array of programs to help guys succeed with women naturally, without relying on outdated PUA tactics. His Online Dating Playbook offers step-by-step instructions for meeting girls online, and connecting with them authentically. Visit www.jakevandenhoff.com to claim a free copy of Jake's Online Dating Secrets eCourse.

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