Must-Read: Best Golf Workouts


We wouldn’t consider ourselves the most serious golfers around. We play every week or so over at the local and cheap Par 3. (The same place where the dudes from “Swingers” played, to give you a nice sense of the lack of seriousness of the place.) But one thing we hate is losing to our friends while playing. So we have been trying to fix our swing here and there — nothing crazy like taking lessons or anything because, you know, that would cost money. So when we found this cheap (read: free!) workout to help or golf swing, we bookmarked the page immediately. And seeing as we just kind of assume everyone reading this wants the same information as us, we thought we’d share this link over at’s Golf Workout.

Here for example, to give you a taste, is one that seems like it’s the most important:

Half kneeling hip flexor and pec mobilization

This exercise really highlights the relationship between your hip and opposite shoulder, and helps reinforce the mobility you need for a smooth back swing.

To perform this exercise, get in a half kneeling position with your left leg forward. Hold a foam roller (or other similarly shaped instrument) between your hands with your arms locked so that the roller is at an angle from your back hip toward your opposite shoulder. Sit up nice and tall so that your back hip is “all the way through” or fully extended. From here, you want to lightly squeeze your backside gluteal muscles as you rock your hips forward. As you?re rocking forward, use your bottom hand to drive the top arm into a diagonal rotation pattern. At the end of the rock, you should feel a slight stretch to the hip flexor on the back leg and in the pectoralis muscle on the opposite side.

Return to the starting position and repeat for 8 reps, then switch sides.

So check it out, and then challenge us on the linx! (But then be prepared to have your challenge refused because, really, we’re not that good.)

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