Top Five Movies of Reese Witherspoon

Recently, the movie ?Water for Elephants? came to your local multiplex starring the lovely Reese Witherspoon. Unfortunately, one just needed to see ?Twilight? star Robert Pattinson sharing the bill with her to know that this one was easy to skip. Why? I assume that ?Twilight? targets young girls and lonely, older ?girls? who have pets for kids and using his fame, anything starring Pattinson will have the same target demographic.

So, unfortunately, it was a waste of this starlet who shared the screen with fellow beauties Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in ?Cruel Intentions.? Now, I can?t say that as a movie it was good, however, I can say that you can rarely find three co-stars as pretty and sexy. If you?re more into the ditz, then maybe her big jump into the spotlight, ?Legally Blonde,? is for you. However, if you want her good movies, this is the list for you.

5. The Importance of Being Earnest

Reese Witherspoon being all sultry

I have a soft place in my heart for British period pieces (ok, let?s just say ?bodices? and leave the explanation at that) and so this Oscar Wilde adaptation ranks highly for me. Add in Frances O?Connor, funny leading men in Colin Firth and Rupert Everett and Academy Award hog Judi Dench and you have a great movie.

4. American Psycho

I still remember when this movie came out and I was traveling along the PCH and camping out each night. I wanted to see a movie while in Eureka and it was between this movie and ?Keeping the Faith.? I chose poorly, because I didn?t want to dream of a crazy killing machine invading my tent. Because of that, I missed the magnificence of ?American Psycho? for a few years.

3. Walk the Line

Did Reese win an Oscar for this movie? Yes. Looking back, is it that really that good of a movie, or just another in a long line of biopics that seem to enthrall us as movie watchers for a couple of months? I?m going with the latter with the caveat that Reese still did a fantastic job.

2. Pleasantville

Now, this is a movie I can get behind. Getting transported into your TV and into the 50s lifestyle so that you can see how both lives have goodness in them? With Spiderman? Yeah, this is due to be watched again.

1. Election

Pick Flick. I don?t think there has been a better campaign slogan in the history of the world. Until a presidential candidate named Gass comes along with the slogan, ?Don?t Pass on Gass.?


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