Must-Read: Ditch Your “Fat” Habits

In this day and age, it is so goddamn easy to get fat. There’s so much to watch on TV, so many movies to see, so much that is just sitting there on the Internet that we have to watch or we’ll be left out of the conversation at work about the latest cat fart video, or whatever-the-hell. In fact, we don’t even have time to make food, so instead we settle for the drive-thru or by ordering a pizza and just stuffing it into our guts. Relaxation? Well, that’s a night out at the bar, where we pound beer after beer, calorie-filled-glass after calorie-filled-glass. Really, it’s a wonder why we’re all not over 300 pounds by now.

Put down the pizza!

The hardest part of this all is that we have these “fat habits,” as the article over at Men’s Fitness calls it. It’s not like we’re looking to get fat or just don’t care, it’s that it’s easy to fall into that trap with the everyday habits in place. The first step, then, is making sure to identify these habits. Hence, why we linked to the article up there.

Here’s what we’re talking about:


Right? We’ve all been there. It’s like our working out allows us to feel like we’ve earned a whopping amount of food. Luckily, the link also has solutions:

Solution: Eat something beforehand. A combination of protein and carbs will prevent your blood sugar from dipping so low that you’re tempted to eat more calories than you burned off. A slice of whole-wheat bread with all-natural peanut butter and a banana is one great preworkout option.

So, yeah. Check it out. It’s well worth the read.

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