Must-Read: Everyman Heroes

We don’t always have to be serious in this space, what with health issues, the best beers to drink, what exercises you need to do in order to make you healthier. Sometimes we can just loosen up and talk about pop culture for a bit. Or, more accurately, point you in the direction of others who are writing about pop culture. Today, we link to the article that looks at the top 10 Everyman Heroes.

What is an “everyman hero” by definition? It’s not a superhero with magical powers (don’t get us started about the way-too-many superhero movies that are coming out nowadays, all of which look like shit) or a SWAT team member (they are too big of badasses to really identify with) or multi-billionaires who can afford to dress up like a giant bat and prowl the streets of Gotham. It’s a guy like John McClane, walking around in a T-shirt and jeans and taking out bad guys with just instincts and badassitude.


Our favorite of the bunch, this guy:

No.8 Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Forever

This wisecracking tough guy is a self-proclaimed hero but is really just the loud mouth at the bar you can’t help but like. Despite his average-guy shortcomings, he always rises to the occasion, whether that is killing aliens or bedding buxom ladies.

Everyman cred: ?It?s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I?m all out of gum.?

How about you? Any favorite everyman heroes?

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