Top Five Movies of Julia Roberts

I have something to get off my chest. I really, really, really liked ?My Best Friend?s Wedding? when it came out in theaters. I thought Rupert Everett was one of the coolest actors around, Cameron Diaz was in her first major movie since ?The Mask? and, of course, Julia Roberts looked awesome. That?s what Julia does and does well. I went back later and it was just another romantic comedy that I couldn?t sit through, but that first time, well, I fell in love with Julia from the audience once again. I look over her work, and it seems like that is a theme of the top 5. ?Closer? isn?t here because no one in that movie is meant to be likable. There?s no ?America?s Sweethearts? because trying to believe Julia Roberts is an ugly duckling is like trying to sit through ?Freddy Got Fingered? even once. So, with ?Larry Crowne? coming out, here are five movies from Julia where you can fall in love with her again. *

5. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The lovely Julia Roberts

Julia as a spy in a movie written by Charlie Kaufman based on the life of ?The Gong Show? host Chuck Barris? If James Bond can?t help but fall in love with other spies, how am I supposed to resist?

4. Ocean?s Eleven

I?m not sure if there?s a more guy movie than this. Get a group of friends together after traveling the world to find them. Hang out in Las Vegas. Play with remote control vehicles. Play with big explosions. Steal a boatload of money. It?s very believable that the only woman that can distract George Clooney from this is Julia. She?s so pretty I almost believed as a viewer that it wasn?t about the money.

3. Notting Hill

I?m a Cary Grant fan. I know that it?s stupid to try to say so and so is the next Cary Grant or Billy Wilder or Alfred Hitchcock or whoever your favorite artist of the present or past might be. However, if there is a guy (rather than a pretty girl) that can get me to watch a romantic comedy, it?s Hugh Grant. In this movie, he doesn?t have to act much as he has to ?fall in love? with a ?beautiful movie star? played by Julia.

2. Pretty Woman

There?s a reason that this movie is still the first one that many of us think about when we think about Julia. I?m not sure if there are any other hooker with a heart of gold movies that work out there (?Leaving Las Vegas?????), and the only reason this one does is because of the beauty and innocence of Julia. (Which means that we probably didn?t think she was REALLY a prostitute.)

1. Conspiracy Theory

I know this is a strange choice for the top, but I would think that if I believed that the world was out to get me because I found it to be so in the pages of those red paper bound, gold lettered copies of ?Catcher in the Rye,? I would think that a girl like Julia would be about the only person I would trust as well. I mean have you seen how pretty she looks? Well, maybe this is why I?m not James Bond, because I would fall for any pretty face and get myself killed.

*Since the theme is ?falling in love with Julia,? her Oscar nominated role in ?Steel Magnolias? doesn?t really fit since, spoiler, she dies and I?m not a necrophiliac. As for her Oscar winning role in ?Erin Brockovich,? if I may paraphrase Prince, kids with cancer never turned me on.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Julia Roberts top five?

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