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Top Five Movies of Rosario Dawson

I have a shameful admission. I saw ?Doctor Doolittle.? I don?t know why. I hope it was a date. A date that loved the idea of talking animals and once I realized that I stopped talking to her about movies and stuck to dates where the only dark, entertaining place we went was my bedroom. That would be the only conceivable reason to watch a movie with talking animals. Until now.


?Zookeeper? with Kevin James opens on July 8th and has talking animals saying, well I don?t care what they say. The only thing I care about is that Rosario Dawson is in the movie. That could get me to go to see it. Well, get me to see it if I could use my phone in the back row to watch the following movies starring Rosario whenever she wasn?t on screen. Normally I would worry about disturbing other moviegoers with this kind of rude activity, but if they?re watching ?Zookeeper? I doubt they?re worried about having a good movie experience. So, here are the top five movies that I would watch with Rosario if I was in the ?Zookeeper? audience. *

5. Shattered Glass

The reason that this is in the top five is that as a former journalism student, I find the notion of making up news particularly unsettling. This is a great look at a scandal where a reporter made up most of the news stories that he wrote. It?s a great ensemble that includes Rosario, but it will always be memorable to me as the proof that outside of ?Star Wars? films, it is possible for Hayden Christensen to act very well. So, blame George Lucas!

4. 25th Hour

Yeah. Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffmann and Barry Pepper acting together in the story of a guy?s last night of freedom before his prison sentence is really all you need. Add in Rosario and direction from Spike Lee and you have a classic. How do you get better than this?

3. Death Proof

Well, you get Quentin Tarantino involved with Rosario and whammo, blammo, you get this fun take on the movies of the 70s. Add in two stars from my very guilty pleasure ?Sky High? in Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kurt Russell and it can?t help but be enjoyable. I mean comic books and Tarantino seem to be a natural combination, which leads to the next movie.

2. Sin City

Source material from comic writing deity Frank Miller (up near the top of the comic writing pantheon with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Brian K. Vaughn) and fantastic visual effects combined with Rosario and other sexy turns from Jessica Alba and many other young starlets, makes this one worth watching over and over again.

1. Josie and the Pussycats

What?!?!?!?! is what you are probably thinking to yourself seeing this movie at the top of the list. I know. I can?t help it. I have a weakness for Rosario, Rachel Leigh Cook and Tara Reid. Then the weakness grows when you put them in sexy cat costumes. It?s like my favorite Halloween ever.

*I also wouldn?t turn down watching ?He Got Game? and ?Alexander? instead of ?Zookeeper.? In fact, most of her movies would be worth watching instead of ?Zookeeper.? The only real battle would be between it and ?The Adventures of Pluto Nash.?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Rosario Dawson top five?

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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