4 Things You Need to Read Before Getting a Tattoo

Stop! Just stop, chill out and think about it. If you are reading this, it means you are obviously thinking about looking into one of the greatest double-edged swords in men fashion. A tattoo.

Think about it!

There is literally no better way to attractively convey your strong personality to others than treating your skin like a coloring book. A well placed, expressive tattoo can be one of the sexiest forms of self expression style wise a man can pursue. But, like I said before you need to STOP now and take a second to think before you let some guy start poking ink holes in you. Tattoos are also one of the quickest ways to looks like a complete moron and can convey unattractive stupidity.

You need to understand how determine if a tattoo is really what you want. I cannot tell you how many times my tattoo gotten me questions for girls or been an amazing ice breaker. This is because it is a great tattoo and I spent a ton of time thinking it related to me. I am guessing you probably have some ideas of what you want to get, but before you do these are by far the most helpful tips I can give if you are unfamiliar with these

Do Not be Frugal

There is a MASSIVE difference in tattoo quality and ink. Even if you are hurting for money, this is not a aspect of your life you want to be frugal on. Spending a few hundred extra dollars is more than worth it in the long run. Take time to find the best place in town and be willing to pay a bit more for the work. You are investing in yourself permanently, so spend like it.

Think About How It?ll Look in 10 Years

Your skin is not always going to be same place and your body is going to change. I know a ton of people who have gotten tattoos on places that are highly susceptible to change and the tattoos now look horrible. Places like your side, stomach area and anywhere there can be a potential for loose skin can be poor long term places for tattoos. If you want to play it safe, places like your upper back, fore arm and shoulders are all good places to start. Even as you age the skin will remain tight in these areas.

What Will it Say in 10 Seconds

If your tattoo is going to be visible even when you are fully clothed, take a sec and think of everything a person could assume about you in 10 seconds when they first see it. Being yourself and not caring what others think is extremely important, however think about if your tattoo truly expresses what you want it to. A friend of mine once got a devil on his forearm because he liked some video game. For the next year, religious girls constantly blew him off because they though it was some Satan reference. This is a perfect example of what you need to consider since people are infamous for making quick irrational assumptions.

Just Do It

While thinking about these are important, there comes a point where you just need to sack up and do it. You are not getting any younger and you know you want one. Yes, it is going to hurt, cost money, and be permanent. Deal with it!

If you keep these 4 things in mind you are going to have actively go out of your way to get a bad tattoo. You would also do well to avoid things like kittens and the name of your current girl friend though!


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About Alex Becker Alex Becker is a dating coach and writer with a huge knowledge base in PUA, psychology, and social dynamics. He currently spends most of his time focusing on teaching college aged men how to naturally improve their success with women. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, building websites, and his dog Chewbacca.

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