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How to Be a Manly Man

The Manly Man walks with a swagger and carries himself with pride. He is solid in his choice of judgment and is not swayed by external forces. He wears what he wants, does what he wants and goes where he wants without worrying about what other people may think. He may even eat a fat free yogurt parfait if it pleases him to do so.

Swanson: As manly as they come

There are many other things that separate men from boys. Here is a list of ten things you should do before you can become a Manly Man.

1. Fire a gun.

A Manly Man knows how to use firearms and he uses them well. Guns have helped men hunt for food, shoot their enemies, and protect their women. If you want to truly be the embodiment of masculinity, learn how to use a gun properly.

2. Chop down a tree.

Lumberjacks are true Manly Men. They have beards (another item on our list), wear flannel and live in the forest. Chopping down a tree shows strength and incentive to build something out of wood.

3. Invent a cocktail.

Manly Men are creative men and know how to invent things out of hard liquor. If you want to impress the ladies and showcase your manly ways, create an original cocktail.

4. Save a damsel in distress.

Women love men who they know can protect them. To be considered a true Manly Man, you need to be seen as a hero. The best way to do this is to rescue a woman who is in danger. Whether from the railroad tracks or a flat tire, saving the day is the best way to prove your worth.

5. Going above and beyond to impress a woman.

A Manly Man is not afraid of his romantic side. If you love your woman, show her in theatrically huge expressions of love. Rent an airplane and write her name in skywriting, make love to her on the beach, or buy her a puppy. Manly Men know that love is worth the risk of looking like a shmuck.

6. Win a fight.

Being in a fight and winning is the ultimate proof of a Manly Man. Manly Men never start fights, they just win them.

7. Grow a beard.

Facial hair is the number one physical feature of a true Manly Man. Grow the most epic beard the world has ever seen and then invite birds to live in it.

8. Get a scar.

Scars are to Manly Men as diamonds are to women. They are an accessory item that showcases your manliness. A scar shows that you have survived. The bigger the scar is, the better.

9. Drive like you stole it

Manly Men know how to drive manuals, and they know how to drive them fast. It doesn?t matter if they are in a pink sports car or a giant pickup, they drive with balls.

10. Fix something

True men know how to fix anything that is broken. They can fix electrical appliances, cars, and even reset a broken leg on a tiny baby fawn. If you want to be a Manly Man, learn how to use tools.

Now that you know what separates the manly from the weak, go forth young man and show all of those girly boys just what it means to be a Manly Man.

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About Stephanie Weaver Stephanie is a full time freelance writer from Philly. In her spare time, she enjoys playing roller derby and spending time with her English bulldog, Brit.

Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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