Top Five Movies of Emma Watson

Emma Watson

I don?t know if there is another actress whose work has been so varied and so eclectic at the ripe age of 21 as the work of Emma Watson. I mean, she has played a twelve-year old Hermione Granger, a thirteen-year old Hermione Granger, a fourteen-year old Hermione Granger, a fifteen-year old Hermione Granger, a sixteen-year old Hermione Granger, a seventeen-year old Hermione Granger and now, in her first ever sequel, she?s playing an eighteen-year old Hermione Granger for the second time in ?Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.? To be able to comb through these movies and try to figure out which role is the best in this hodgepodge of acting prowess is almost impossible. For you though, loyal readers, I will try. I will guide you through the maze of the highs and even higher highs of this beautiful young thespian. At the end, you?ll think to yourself, ?My God in heaven above, I have seen the light through yonder window break and this spot in my heart is no longer filled with dread. Out damned spot, out I say!?

To the list!

5. Harry Potter and the Fear of Virginia Wolf

After Harry, Ron and Hermione slip a polyjuice potion to their classmate Virginia, she turns into a wolf and runs out into The Forbidden Forest. So, the three pranksters run into the forest to try to find them along with Harry?s girlfriend Cho Chang. While in the forest, Emma?s acting prowess shines as she drinks butterbeer after butterbeer from her backpack and starts to berate Ron for ?not being man enough to find Virginia or anything having to do with giving a woman pleasure? even though, deep down she loves him.

4. Harry Potter and the Time He Drove a Car Carrying Daisy

Emma acts like an eighty-four-year old woman after bumping her head against the top of the secret tunnel out of Hogwarts leading to Hogsmeade. She refuses to go back in the tunnel, so Harry and Ron have to find a muggle car to drive Hermione around the country until she regains her memory. The amazing part of the performance came from Emma convincing the audience how tough it was to finally get over the effects of eating all of those prunes.

3. Harry Potter and the Flight Over the Cuckoo?s Nest

Yes, this is mostly Hagrid?s movie as the final scene shows him throwing a full-grown hippogriff through a window at Hogwarts so he can flee to the Forbidden Forest. However, Emma?s acting when she wouldn?t allow Harry, Ron, Fred, George and Neville out of Hogwarts until they finished drinking their potions homework just blew me away.

2. Harry Potter and the Queen of England

A simple story, Hermione goes undercover as the Queen in order to prevent the Death Eaters from killing innocent muggles. Emma conveys perfectly what it is like to be a seventy-year old woman, and I think she learned it from her time as Daisy. She walks corgis, she hosts state meetings and she uses the ?expelliarmus? spell to get rid of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Amazing job.

1. Harry Potter and His Blind Side

Harry is the seeker and leader of the school?s quidditch team, but he needs someone to protect his blind side because the jerks in Slytherin want to knock him off his broom. Fortunately, Hermione adopts a large black man named Michael while home over the summer and teaches him to be the best bludger the wizarding world has ever seen. Emma was meant to play a sassy, caring mother who wants to see Michael, and the Gryffindor quidditch team, succeed.

Agree? Disagree? What movies would make your Emma Watson top five? (To be fair, I?m looking forward to ?The Perks of Being a Wallflower.? It was a book that I happened upon in a bookstore and sat and read one afternoon after just pulling it off the shelf. It?s that good.)

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