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Gaming Girls While On Vacation

The sun, the sand, the tropical drinks at the bar. What could possibly be more relaxing than leaving the office to abscond to a beach side paradise?

But just because you have two weeks off from the daily grind doesn?t mean you can?t have a little fun with the ladies.? Going on vacation offers a plethora of opportunities to meet women ? and you don?t even have to leave the hotel!

Whether you are looking to party hard with the young, twenty-somethings or casual jaunts with a classier crowd, there are endless opportunities to meet beautiful women on your short escape from the real world.

Beach, Bars, Babes

Vacation girls!

If you find yourself on holiday at any fine beach, you will no doubt find that attractive women are everywhere. Whether they are alone or with a few friends, their aim is spur-of-the-moment, adventurous fun. This makes flirting a million times easier because girls are more open when they are away from their own work and problems.

That doesn?t mean you forget your game, though, but alter it. No need for dates or meet-ups or all that other crap that prolongs periods of awkwardness. Being at the beach or at the hotel bar, it?s already a ?date?.

If you are familiar with your location or know a good place to get drinks nearby, you have the perfect means to make the interaction fun and spontaneous. Asking her to join you wake boarding or hang-gliding are some great activities that will make the moment enjoyable and exciting.

No Strings Attached

The boring, biographical conversations that usually spell disaster on the local scene aren?t as uninteresting on holiday.

Does that mean you go into interview mode? No.? But where you?re from and what you do are interesting facts considering the variety of places people hail from when you meet them on vacation.? Keep conversation interesting, but don?t overthink it and aim to just have a good time.

The best part about hooking up on break is that there are literally no strings attached.

If she?s from another state, or even another country, she knows she probably won?t see you again and you know you won?t see her again. The interaction is purely based off of having spontaneous fun without the pressures usually associated with meeting up with the opposite sex.

Unless you somehow fall in love a la a romantic comedy movie plot (which is highly unlikely), there?s no hard feelings or break-ups or other bullshit.

The keys to gaming chicks on vacation, at the beach or in the Alps, is keeping it simple, being spontaneous, and most of all, just having fun.

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