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Top Five Movies of Marisa Tomei

Oh, how cute

I?ve done quite a few of these lists now, but I think Marisa Tomei?s might encompass the most variety. The first movie on the list is from 1991 and the last one is from 2010. I?m doubt her latest ?Crazy, Stupid, Love? would make the list, but it would only be an extra year in the whole timeline. As for variety, my goodness, there is some serious, serious drama, some slapstick humor and an Academy Award winning role, though I think most serious critics don?t believe it was deserved. However, if deserve had anything to do with anything, well, I?ll just say the world would be a different place and leave off with hyperbolic examples.

Anyway, there may be 20 years of roles listed here, but it almost seems like Marisa is more beautiful now than then. Maybe it is the weight of the more serious roles. Maybe it?s the fact that her body still is amazing. I don?t know. I shouldn?t be amazed when a woman grows older gracefully, but in today?s movie business, it almost seems to be discouraged. How unfortunate. Because more women like Marisa and these movies would be welcome.

5. Oscar

Yes, I know this is not a ?good? movie, but have you watched it? Ok, so you?ve watched it and still don?t like it. Are you allergic to fun? I think you are. Because this tribute to the old slapstick comedies of the 30s and 40s directed by John Landis (?The Blues Brothers? and ?Animal House?) may not be cinematic art, but it is fun art, like spin art or finger painting.

4. My Cousin Vinny

Yes, because Marisa won an Oscar for her role in this movie, I am bound by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to list it. That?s all I have to say, except I have to comment on Joe Pesci?s run of movies here. From ?Lethal Weapon 2? to ?Betsy?s Wedding? to ?Goodfellas? to ?Home Alone? to ?The Super? to ?JFK? and then finally to ?My Cousin Vinny.? That?s a pretty diverse run.

3. In the Bedroom

I don?t want to say much about this film. It?s powerful, has great acting and a great story, but it is about as depressing as you can get. Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek join Marisa in making the acting so great to watch.

2. The Wrestler

Marisa plays a stripper who falls in love with a washed up professional wrestler. That?s really all I need to say to you to get you to watch this damn fine movie. But, it?s a drama, so it will have to be the penultimate movie in the list. Because there is one better.

1. Cyrus

This movie is one big uncomfortable scramble of fun. Marisa plays the mother of Jonah Hill. John C. Reilly plays the man that wants to date Marisa. Then the war for her love begins. This film from the Duplass brothers made me laugh a lot.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Marisa Tomei top five?

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