Fortune Favors The Bold

?Fortune Favors The Bold? has been a favorite quotation of mine for years. It was originated by the Roman poet Virgil around 2000 years ago, but it still rings true today, ESPECIALLY when it comes to success with women.

Don't be bashful

Just look around at the men who have the hottest women, the guys who have the greatest success. Do you think that they got that success by being MEEK? Do you think that they got their success by waiting around and playing it safe? Heck no!

If you want success with women you need to take risks. Sitting in your comfort zone hoping things are going to somehow ?get better? if you analyze things more it won?t bring changes. Trying to have the ultimate intellectual understanding of attraction won?t bring changes. To really move forward you need to make bold moves and take real chances.

The awesome part is that the kind of ?risks? you are going to take in your dating life really aren?t very risky at all! Back in Virgil?s day the kind of risks he was talking about were real life and death situation. He was talking about risks like going into a battle against a much larger army, and things like that which could get your head chopped off.

Dating risks are more like: she might turn her head away when you go to kiss her, or she might tell you that she?s not interested if you ask her on a date. I think Virgil would be amused that guys today actually consider these things to be risky at all.

Many years ago I realized one of the reasons I was so scared about being bold with women is that my life was so safe and easy that I never had to take any REAL risks. a risk for me was like ?Should I eat this scone I dropped on the floor? It might have gotten some germs on it…?

So expressing my interest in a girl actually seemed like it was this huge risk, even when really I wasn?t risking anything at all.

Take a second to think about how different things would be if your world was full of real dangers. What if you were born into some sort of criminal family and it was like the last season of the Sopranos? You?d wake up knowing that your family was at war with a rival crew of killers that wanted you dead. You?d have you watch your back every time you left the house and have gun battles. If you had any real risks you?d see women and dating as nothing more than a fun and completely safe distraction.

So next time that you find yourself feeling nervous about making a move with a woman think about how you?d act if you had REAL risks in your life? How would you act towards her if you thought that your enemies could come and shoot you at any second like in a gangster flick? If you can imagine yourself in those kinds of situations then you’ll see that making bold moves with women is a piece of cake.

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