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Top Five Movies of Rachel Weisz

This Friday, ?The Whistleblower? starring Rachel Weisz comes out in limited release. It?s the story of Nebraska cop (yes, they have cops in Nebraska, as someone needs to keep track of the hooligans at the University of Nebraska, go you rest of the Big-10) who served in Bosnia and not so surprisingly given the title, blows the whistle on a sex scandal. This movie definitely belongs in the headier material of Rachel?s past, like ?The Constant Gardner? which told the story of a man trying to uncover corporate corruption, rather than ?Envy? with Ben Stiller and Jack Black and the product VaPooRize or ?The Mummy Returns? which needed to be sprayed with a lot of VaPooRize.

Rachel Weisz

That?s the thing about Rachel?s list. It?s got a bit of everything. Good action. Good comedy. Good mind-warping stuff. Good mainstream things. Good independent movies. Maybe it?s part of being an actress from England ? Rachel does bunches of different things because Rachel can do bunches of different things well. I don?t know, I just know that culling her list down to five was tough and I don?t mind her being in a bunch of different movies, because she looks great in them all. I apologize to those who want to see her Oscar winning role in ?The Constant Gardner,? her gritty nude scene in the midst of war in ?Enemy at the Gates? or her con woman part in ?Confidence,? but they all just missed the list.

5.The Mummy

I don?t care if the movies I?ve left off the list are more ?prestigious? or ?better? I just know that this movie was a boatload of fun. Occasionally, that?s all you need. Can I say more about it? No, just like a dish of ice cream, once your finished with it, it?s gone, but it was fun while it lasted.

4. The Shape of Things

I?m a big fan of Neil LaBute. I once drove 12 hours to see ?Your Friends and Neighbors? at a theater in Boulder, CO. (I had plans to do other things and they kind of fell through, so I just ended up seeing the movie and now I can say that I drove 12 hours for a movie.) Not only does this movie have the lovely Rachel, but also the supremely talented Paul Rudd, who also stars in the upcoming new release, ?Our Idiot Brother.?

3. Runaway Jury

Another fantastic leading man with Rachel, this time it?s John Cusack from a John Grisham novel of the same name. Again it isn?t the best movie, but it was darn sure fun to watch and has a great acting scene between Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman in a bathroom. How often can you see that in a film?

2. The Fountain

This movie is a great combination of a leading man (Hugh Jackman), a cool director (Darren Aronofsky ? ?Black Swan,? ?The Wrestler? and ?Requiem for a Dream?), Rachel and some wild, trippy visuals. Yes, I know I was one of about two people to like this movie, but it?s so cool to see something that you haven?t really ever seen before. (Like ?The Tree of Life.?)

1. About a Boy

I could watch this film again and again. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, it?s really Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette leading the way (and Toni is certainly no slouch to watch onscreen), but because of its charm, I had to rank it number one.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Rachel Weisz top five?

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