Must-Read: How to Quit Your Job

Not the smart way

Quitting your job should be a glorious occasion. A chance to tell off your asshole of a boss, let your co-workers know just exactly how much you give a shit about their various complaints, finally get that hot assistant’s number for a night out on the town, and generally begin a whole new stage in your life. However, there is a wrong way and right way to leave your job. Hint: The wrong way includes most of the above. (Except asking out the hot co-worker. That’s still fine.) The trick is, you don’t want to burn this bridge in case you have to come crawling back for more work. Instead, you want to make the transition to the next person as easy as possible.

Which is why today we’re highlighting these tips from Men’s Health regarding how to best quit your job. One of the steps we had no idea was even a thing:

Transition your work
Your boss will likely be caught off-guard when you quit. Help soften the blow by crafting a Word doc or spreadsheet detailing your current and upcoming projects with the company. Raz recommends separating the responsibilities you can complete before you leave and those you can?t. Offer to educate or train whomever assumes your role. ?Leaving a bunch of issues unfinished can tarnish any positive memories of you that may have existed while you worked there,? says John McKee, president of and author of The Plan.

So stroll over there and take a look. Unless, of course, your boss is a terrible, terrible asshole. Then just tell him to fuck off and delete all your files.

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