Must-Read: The Most Exclusive Whiskey Ever


We love whiskey around these parts. A beer is fine and good at the bar, or if we’re trying to save a little money, but if we need a nightcap after a long night out or have some extra spending cash that week, we tend to indulge in whiskey as our preferred beverage. Of course, usually we’re just dabbling in the Maker’s Mark or Jameson brands of whiskey. We aren’t, for example, spending, oh about $200,000 for a fucking bottle! breaks down the numbers for the ultra-exclusive Royal Salute Tribute to Honor whiskey. Among the items that make this whiskey particularly exclusive:

You can’t just buy this whisky; you have to apply for it.
For $200,000, you get a blend of Speyside single malts over 45 years old.
Only 21 bottles will be sold, in bottles embedded with 413 diamonds each.

Yikes. Head over to the website for some more information. But if you’re one of those people who are actually considering putting in their application for the whiskey, well, first of all, what the hell are you doing reading this site? Shouldn’t you be out, oh, who knows, piloting a yacht with about 3,000 naked supermodels on it? Second of all, head over to the website to inquire about how you can get your hands on one of the 21 bottles. Tell them we sent ya! It can only help your standing in their eyes.

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