Top Five Movies of Emma Stone

This weekend, a movie called ?The Help? opens and I have to say that I have little interest in it. Yes, it has the lovely and talented subject of this essay, Emma Stone starring in it as a young writer and other wonderful actresses like Viola Davis (?Doubt,? ?Solaris?) and Allison Janney (?Juno,? ?The West Wing?), but when it has a description like, ?aspiring writer Eugenia ?Skeeter? Phelan (Stone) returns home after college, where unexpected friendships with African-American maids Aibeleen Clark (Davis) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) result in a book that gives a previously unheard voice to a community’s suffering,? I just don?t think it is a movie meant for me.

Emma Stone

I could be wrong and it could be wonderful. If I hear enough good things about the movie, it could be a perfect one to take a date to see and show off my sensitive side, or I could just wait for it to hit video, and I?ll enjoy all the tender emotions it makes me feel in the privacy of my own home. Either way, if I?m looking for an Emma fix this weekend before anyone I know can tell me if ?The Help? is worth seeing, these are the movies I?ll turn to instead.

5. The Rocker

Emma is a member of the band that Rainn Wilson uses to find redemption as a drummer. Maybe not the best movie, but a great cast including ?Dr. Johnny Fever? Howard Hesseman, Will Arnett, Jason Sudeikis, Jane Lynch and Jeff Garlin.

4. The House Bunny

Again, not the best of movies, but when the cast includes Emma, Anna Faris and Kat Dennings (?Thor?), well, there could be a less lovely things to watch for a little over an hour and a half.

3. Superbad

A very funny movie in which Jonah Hill?s character Seth has a crush on Emma?s character. In a movie filled with zaniness, at least it is rooted in something that is very easy to believe.

2. Easy A

A very clever teen movie inspired by ?The Scarlet Letter? (much in the same vein as ?Emma? inspired ?Clueless?) Emma plays a girl that is the epitome of awesome. With parents as played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, it?s certainly easy to see why.

1. Zombieland

I love a movie that combines horror and comedy. ?Shaun of the Dead? is a perfect example of my predilections. ?Zombieland? is another. This movie definitely exists more on the comedy side, but it still respects the whole zombie movie genre. Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma are all pitch perfect in their roles. Also pitch perfect is the major cameo and on that I?ll say nothing more so it doesn?t ruin the surprise when you watch it on video.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Emma Stone top five?

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